Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sound The Alarms - Eley Kishimoto x Fossil 'Sweet Reminder' Limited Edition Collaboration


Limited Edition Sweet Reminder

An Alarm Watch Collaboration

This second surprise collection from the team that brought you the Retro Timer, now introduce a very limited alarm watch collection appropriately called the Sweet Reminder.
Inspired by the charm and simplicity of mid-century design, the Eley Kishimoto x Fossil Sweet Reminder blends nostalgic style with timeless wearability. With a three-hand quartz movement housed in a colorful nylon-injected case, this classic timepiece is reimagined in the shape of a '50s alarm clock with playful pushers to remind you of all your important engagements.

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Designers Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto
The custom tin box for the Sweet Reminder
Fossil EKW1000
Fossil x Eley Kishimoto Retro Timer Ltd. Edition Watches
Fossil EKW1001

Limited Edition Retro Timer

Nearly sold out!

A classic re-imagined—the Retro Timer is inspired by a '50s kitchen gadget. Evoking nostalgia for the mid-century optimism displayed in the cheerful colors and simple forms of the era, it embodies these design principles while breaking traditional time-telling conventions. True to a kitchen timer, the large hand counts the hours while the smaller disc hand ticks away the minutes. A colorful nylon injected case and luxe leather strap makes this watch a fun new way to express time.