Friday, May 29, 2015

New Diesel Watches - BAMF Chrono, Urban Safari and More...


New Diesel Powered Timepiercers

You don't wear these watches, they wear you!

Diesel is known for large watches, loud design and a look that follows no one. This summer, that trademark innovation reaches new heights with the launch of BAMF and the Urban Safari collection.
The Urban Safari Collection delivers an instantly iconic deep blue metallic case paired with a sand-colored leather strap.
BAMF CHRONO challenges the standard in both size and design; showcasing a 57mm case featuring spring-loaded chronograph pushers and a detailed dial that boasts dynamic style with unexpected color accents.
Far from ordinary, Diesel watches break the typical humdrum of the watch world - they're quite simply having a grand ol' time on your wrist.

See the new releases below or See All Diesel Watches Here.

Diesel DZ7344 main
Diesel DZ7344 BAMF Chronograph Gunmetal
Diesel DZ7345 main
Diesel DZ7345 BAMF Chronograph Silver/Black
Diesel DZ7346 main
Diesel DZ7346 BAMF Chronograph Rosegold
Diesel DZ7343 main
Diesel DZ7343 BAMF Chronograph Steel/Brown
Diesel DZ7342 main
Diesel DZ7342 BAMF Chronograph Urban Safari
Diesel DZ4354 main
Diesel Urban Safari Stronghold Chronograph DZ4354
Diesel DZ4356 main
Diesel Urban Safari Overflow Chronograph DZ4356
Diesel DZ7338 main
Diesel DZ7338 Mini Daddy Urban Safari
Diesel DZ7339 main
Diesel DZ7339 Mini Daddy Dual Time Zone
Diesel DZ7340 main
Diesel DZ7340 Mini Daddy Dual Time Zone
Diesel DZ7341 main
Diesel DZ7341 Mini Daddy Dual Time Zone
Diesel DZ4350 main
Diesel Double Down Chronograph DZ4350
Diesel DZ4351 main
Diesel Double Down Chronograph DZ4351