Tuesday, June 2, 2015

From Super Mario to Mr. Jones Watches - The New Limited Edition Miyamoto Watch


New Mr. Jones 'Miyamoto' Sun & Moon

From The Original Super Mario Designer

Only 100 Units Worldwide
Individually Numbered
Made in London

The landscape on this watch pays homage to the graphics of the Super Mario World video games designed by Shigeru Miyamoto. With this watch we’re exploring a link between the imagined world of the video game and the mental construct of time telling: both are artful, human inventions that operate with their own internal logic and rules; yet both appear to be entirely coherent and in a curious way ‘natural’.
The control of Mario in the game world makes him feel like an extension of our body - we move him, as we move our own limbs, without conscious thought. Similarly we internalize hours, minutes and seconds to the extent that we cannot see them as human invention.
Ultimately time, as we measure it, is as ‘unreal’ as a world of powerups and long-tongued dinosaurs!

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Mr. Jones Miyamoto Day View
Mr. Jones Miyamoto Night View
Along with the image of the Sun and Moon, the hour disk features a revolving image with scenes of the Mario landscape that gradually changes over the course of the day. The minutes and seconds are displayed in the centre dial and these run in the conventional way, so each marker on this dial corresponds to five minutes or seconds.
How To Read the Sun & Moon Miyamoto Watch
Mr. Jones Miyamoto Caseback
"Sun and Moon" watches were first produced in England in the late 1600s during a period of experimentation with ways to represent the time. We really like this representation of time as it is both elegant and logical.
Miyamoto and Mario Figurine
Super Mario Designer Shigeru Miyamoto
“What if, on a crowded street, you look up and see something appear that should not, given what we know, be there. You either shake your head and dismiss it, or you accept that there is much more to the world than we think. Perhaps it really is a doorway to another place. If you choose to go inside you may find many unexpected things ...”
-Shigeru Miyamoto

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