Friday, June 12, 2015

Shocking New G-Shock Limited Edition Watches Just In


New Limited Editions

G-Shock Watches

Limited Edition Polarized, Slash, HUF, Heathered, Gulfmaster, Gravitymaster, Rangeman, Mudman, Frogman and more now in stock at Watchismo. As always, these are produced in limited numbers so they sell out fast, don't miss your chance!
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G-Shock Gulfmaster Triple Sensor Grey/Black - LIMITED EDITION
Introducing GULFMASTER, the new G-SHOCK Series that’s designed and engineered with the maritime adventurer in mind.
GULFMASTER includes the first G-SHOCK models to incorporate both Triple Sensor Version 3 and Smart Access in the same watch. In addition to barometric pressure, altitude, bearing, and temperature readings, these new models also feature Tide Graph and Moon Age capabilities to help keep you in close touch with your natural environment. Sudden extreme changes in barometric pressure are alerted using a dial hand, LCD display, and alarm.
Gshock Huffull
G-Shock + HUF Limited Edition
The limited edition G-Shock HUF timepiece is built on the platform of the skate-inspired GD400 with its bold metal face protector, extra tough lug band attachment,, and super illuminator LED. The collab turns it up a notch and takes it to the streets with an etched band inspired by “cracked concrete”, an all-over black out colorway with black IP metal parts, and HUF logo etched on case back and appearing in the LCD display when the light is activated.
Gshock GA110PM1Afull
G-Shock Polarized Series GA-110PM
Gshock GDX6900PM1full
G-Shock Polarized Series GDX-6900PM
The watches included in the Polarized Black Series demonstrate G-Shock’s ability to create timepieces offering modern, unique style and technological performance. Each model within this series has an electrifying look with shades of piercing blues and purples that seamlessly dissolve into one another.
G-Shock Slash GA-110SL-8A Grey - LIMITED EDITION
The G-Shock Slash case and band are designed with a concrete and canvas pattern that appears cracked and worn, which highlights the tough G-SHOCK image.

G-Shock GA-1100-2A Gravitymaster Red/Blue
Gshock GA400A6A
G-Shock GA-400 Series Worldtime -Purple
Gshock GF8250CM2
G-Shock Frogman Blue Camo - LIMITED EDITION
The new collection from the G-SHOCK Master of G series comes in a variety of camo colors, designed and built for professionals. You can choose from among the FROGMAN (ABOVE, with dive timer, tide & moon graphs), RANGEMAN (BELOW, with barometer/altitude and temperature measurement), or MUDMAN (BELOW, with digital compass, thermometer, and mud resistance) to match your adventurous needs. Each model features Self-Charging Tough Solar power, so there's no need to worry about replacing a battery.
Gshock GW9400CMJ3
G-Shock Rangeman Atomic Triple Sensor Camouflage GW-9400CMJ-3
Gshock GW9300CM1
G-Shock MUDMAN Tough Solar Black Camo GW-9300CM-1

Gshock GDX6900HT2full
G-Shock GDX-6900 Heathered Series - Blue
Gshock GDX6900HT4full
G-Shock GDX-6900 Heathered Series - Red
The debut of their mixed color watch series inspired by heather patterned sportswear. The G-SHOCK Heathered Series comes in a vibrant array of colorful hues melded with a heather fabric print that results in an interwoven speckled pattern. These models are fresh takes on the military tested GDX6900.
Gshock GDX6900HT3full
G-Shock GDX-6900 Heathered Series - Green
Gshock GDX6900HT8full
G-Shock GDX-6900 Heathered Series - Grey