Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Unveiled Today - The Mr. Jones Limited Edition Chatterbox Mechanical Jump Hour


New Artist Collaboration Jump Hour Automatic

Mr Jones Watches has teamed up with the Brazilian graphic artist Fernando Volken Togni to create Chatterbox.
This watch is a bit Dadaist in it’s juxtaposition of motifs, symbols and characters. It flouts conventional aesthetics to show you the time - one of the characters shows you the hour in his open mouth, while the minutes pass through a mysterious eye.
Chatterbox is an organized chaos of talkative creatures, natural forms and vibrant colors that combine to create an energetic, unique timepiece.

Get One Before They're Gone

Chatterbox was produced in the MJW London workshop. They printed all the components and assembled and regulated each watch by hand. The watch is released in an edition of 100 pieces, with each watch numbered on the back of the case.