Thursday, August 27, 2015

New & Unique Minimalist Skagen Watches In This Week


Unique New Skagen Arrived Today

"Simplicity can take a powerful form."
One which never compromises on the overall shape of an object or an idea. Skagen has recently revamped their core collection, now, more than ever, true to their Danish aesthetics.
Skagen's most distinctive collections represent a passion for the Danish aesthetic, an emphasis on simplicity and a higher grade of craftsmanship.
In an affluent, class-less society like Denmark, cultural concepts such as design, is accessible to all. The fundamental attitude is that good design is for everyone.
See All Skagen Watches or see the new arrivals below:
Skagen SKW6199main
$144 - Skagen Ancher Mono Felt Watch Black SKW6199
With a clean design and sophisticated details, our Ancher MONO is a timekeeping innovation. A single bold-colored hand marks the minutes in a grey dial. Where you might expect the date is a unique hour window.
Skagen SKW6193main
$164 - Skagen Ancher Mono Steel Mesh SKW6193
Skagen SKW6194main
$144 - Skagen Ancher Mono Tan Leather Watch Grey SKW6194
Skagen SKW6193side
Skagen SKW6213main
$182 - Skagen Hagen Sub-Seconds Leather Watch Rose Gold SKW6213
The refined Hagen has a soft leather strap and stainless steel case. On the minimalist dial, a sub-second timer keeps track of seconds. The smooth lines of the profile echo the endless horizon line of Skagen.
Skagen SKW6216main
$182 - Skagen Hagen Sub-Seconds Tan Leather Watch Black/White SKW6216
Skagen SKW6215main
$172 - Skagen Hagen Sub-Seconds Steel Leather Watch Tan/White SKW6215
Skagen SKW6217main
$182 - Skagen Hagen Sub-Seconds Leather Watch Black/Gold SKW6217
Skagen SKW6217side
Skagen SKW6232main
$136 - Skagen Ancher Felt Watch Black/Blue SKW6232
Skagen SKW6200main
$172 - Skagen Ancher Steel Link Watch SKW6200
Skagen SKW6201main
$172 - Skagen Ancher Steel Link Watch Blue SKW6201
Skagen SKW6231main
$210 - Skagen Ancher Chronograph Steel Link Watch SKW6231