Friday, September 25, 2015

A Big Plus from Minus-8 Watches - New Layer 24 Watches


A Big Plus From Minus-8

Many Layers of Substance and Style, New Layer 24 Collection

The Minus-8 Layer 24 embodies the clean restraint and modern industrial spiritual of MINUS-8. Layer 24 is the result of an uncompromised vision to build a watch of individually layered stainless steel. This process took us over a year to develop and resulted in a striking watch that communicates luxury and precision. The result is a stadium effect of 6 layers of 316L bonded surgical steel flowing from the exterior to the interior of the watch face uninterrupted in one unified gesture.
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minus8 layer24menssilverblackfull
Minus-8 Layer 24 Silver Black Automatic
MINUS-8 has changed nothing and everything about making watches. The timepieces are the product of a futurist, architectural mindset and years of challenging our partners to perfect a construction method that radically defies convention. Obsessive attention to a brutalist aesthetic, established Japanese automatic movements, space-age details and best-in-class materials define a collection that represents a new standard within the category. Each watch is a precise industrial machine.
minus8 layer24menssilverblackback
Automatic Miyota 9120 Movement - The Layer 24 holds a power reserve of 40+ hours. 26 jewel bearings reduce friction within the watch case, allowing the highly durable parts to work flawlessly in a virtually maintenance-free environment. At 28,800 vibrations per hour, the Layer 24 has a high accuracy of time keeping. The balance wheel’s oscillations are viewable through the clear sapphire crystal face back and the minute “ticks” of the second hand.
minus8 layer24menssilverblackside
Stainless steel is a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass. It has a natural resistance to magnetic interference, stains and corrosion, which is greatly enhanced through PVD coating. Of the 150 available versions of stainless steel, a very specific type, 316L (the “L” stands for Low Carbon) was chosen for its receptiveness to extremely tight machining tolerances. The watch case is fitted with four individually PVD-coated stacked rings unique to our Layer family.
minus8 layer24mensblackwhitefull
Minus-8 Layer 24 Black White Automatic
Physical Vapor Deposition - PVD is an industrial process originally developed by NASA that is used to precisely transfer a vaporized source material in very thin coatings onto a part within a vacuum chamber. The process is most commonly used for a variety of machine elements with strict performance requirements such as surgical tools and drill bits. PVD coatings can be harder and more corrosion-resistant than coatings applied by an electroplating process.
minus8 layer24mensblackwhitefront
minus8 layer24menssilverolivefull
Minus-8 Layer 24 Silver Olive Green Automatic
minus8 layer24menssilverolivefront
minus8 layer24mensblackbrightfull
Minus-8 layer 24 Black Bright Automatic
minus8 layer24mensblackbrightfront