Friday, September 11, 2015

Price-Shock Resistant New G-STEEL Watches - Affordable New Stainless Steel G-Shock


Price-Shock Resistant New G-Steel

Affordable Stainless Steel G-Shocks Starting at Just $315

G-Shock, pursuing the true toughness, has revealed a new series of products. Under the concept of “Layered Toughness”, the G-STEEL series consists of an 'Anadigi' (analog-digital) porthole display, solar power and quality metal body with the Shock Resistant structure that they're is known for.
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Along the same vein as the G-Shock MT-G, Casio has introduced another premium, yet near-indestructible option for fans of G-Shock in the G-Steel timepiece. Encased in a sturdy layer-guard structure for shock absorption, twin LED lights with luminescent index, auto hand position correct, solar timekeeping and 48 city time zones, the G-Steel is as feature-packed as its predecessor, the MT-G, while coming in at nearly one third the price. This series comes in both stainless steel and resin bands.
GShock GSTS110D1A1full
G-Shock G-Steel Solar Worldtime Steel Silver
Gshock GSTS100D1A41full
G-Shock G-Steel Solar Worldtime Steel Black
Gshock GA110NM2Afull
G-Shock Analog Digital Metalic Blue
These new styles dress up the popular GA110 case in bold metallic blue and deep metallic red.
Gshock GA110NM4Afull
G-Shock Analog Digital Metalic Burgundy Deep Red
G-Shock Multi-Color S Series Blue Purple Bronze Analog Digital
Introducing the new S Series, created for the influential timepiece enthusiast that seeks a sportswear-inspired toughness to add to the modern style, while valuing advanced technology and precision in a fashion accessory piece.
Gshock GDX6900MC5full
G-Shock Camouflage Limited Color Series Desert Brown/Tan
Gshock GDX6900MC3full
G-Shock Camouflage Limited Color Series Army Green
Introducing the latest Limited Edition new additions to the Camouflage Series of the G-SHOCK lineup. Based on the MIL standard GD-X6900, this model is camouflage pattern on the case, band, and face.
Gshock GDX6900MC1full
G-Shock Camouflage Limited Color Series Black/Red
Gshock GDX6900MC7full
G-Shock Camouflage Limited Color Series White/Gray