Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Time To Tap Your Veins with AÃRK Marble Watches - No Two Are Alike


AÃRK Marble Watches - No Two Are Alike

Special Edition Designed by Duo Daniel Emma

It's time to tap your veins with one of these Marble masterpieces. The Marble is the culmination of AÃRK’s first collaborative effort with industrial design duo Daniel Emma.
Born from Daniel Emma’s love of material as a base element to design, the Marble is built on principles of simplicity and playfulness.
Featuring a thin layer of real marble enclosed in a pared-back stainless steel casing, the natural beauty of the material speaks for itself. Due to the organic nature of marble, each piece has unique patterning ensuring no two dials are the same.

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AARK Collective Marble Nero Black Italian Leather
AARK Collective Marble Carrara White Italian Leather
AÃRK timepieces are inspired by an appreciation for simple shapes, geometric form and minimalist design.
It’s built into everything they do—from the way they communicate right through to our design ethos. Their approach to design is neither rushed nor forced; it is considered, nurtured and organic. An appreciation for simple geometric from, graphic elements and minimalist design inspires to create products that family, friends and like minds will enjoy.
AARK Marble Nero
AARK Marble Carrara