Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Projects Watches - Ora Major Constellation & Michael Graves Newark Limited Edition Tribute Watch


Michael Graves Newark Tribute Watch

Limited Edition of only 150

Few are credited with spearheading a single design movement; Michael Graves, well known throughout the world for design excellence, led several.
In the 1980s, Graves redirected the architectural conversation away from abstract modernism toward a more humanistic approach to architecture and product design and in the 90s his partnership with companies like Projects defined America’s expectation that great design should be affordable design.
In 1998, as one of the 17 original architects of Projects’ Building Timepieces Collection, Graves designed the Newark Museum Watch (shown below) in honor of the Museum of the same name. Now, 17 years later we are proud to re-introduce this classic timepiece, in tribute to and in celebration of the man and his work.
The Michael Graves Tribute Watch is 40mm in diameter and a limited and numbered series. Only 150 will be produced of each of the two variations and each will be indicated on the timepiece as 001/150.
Projects Newark Grey Limited Edition Graves Tribute Watch
Projects Newark Black Limited Edition Graves Tribute Watch
“In the Newark Museum Watch, there is a feeling of depth that one doesn’t usually associate with timepieces, between the rings emphasizing the face of the crystal, and the actual watch face beyond the “glow” feature, with its blue colored light which increases the feeling of depth.”
– Michael Graves
Michael Graves shortly after the foundation of his practice in 1962. Image: Michael Graves & Associates
"We believe humanism is the soul of design and enables transformative results. We view each design opportunity as an unfolding story – and the person occupying the space or using a product – as the central character. By focusing on the individual, we humanize design. As a result, people experience our work spatially, visually and emotionally."
– Michael Graves Architecture & Design Mission Statement
Projects Ora Major Mystery Dial Constellations


Design: Alessio Romano (2015)

ORA MAJOR by Alessio Romano provides a modern interpretation of the world’s original timepiece – the Constellations.
Romano was inspired by the notion that other planets in the galaxy might be sharing the same universal timepiece. The red hour and white minute hands align like stars across a dial as dark as the night sky. The orientation of Ora Major’s Constellation shifts with the passing of time.
Romano is called the designer with “iconic” style. His designs are distinguished by the refined simplicity, clear lines and the simple function of his design.
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The Inspriation of Ora Major
Designer Alessio Romano