Monday, November 9, 2015

Meet The Machinus and New Additions to the New Diesel Mechanical Watch Collection


Diesel Quad Zone Machinus Watches

Plus New Additions To Mechanical Collection

A radical new series of watches from Diesel and they're even more unusual than expected from the eccentric Italian watch design team. A four movement timepiece with sculptural case shape in four colors.
And a few new mechanical additions to the recently launched limited edition automatic, a first from Diesel. Now you can get a exposed mechanical Diesel Chief and skeletonized Mr. Daddy Jump Hour.
See all the newest additions here or see each of the new releases below which also include brand new additions to the BAMF Chronograph collection!
Diesel DZ7359 main  36134.1446593189.1280.1280
Diesel Machinus Gunmetal/Brown Multi-Time DZ7359
Diesel DZ7358 main  35638.1446593199.1280.1280
Diesel Machinus Black Steel/Denim Multi-Time DZ7358
Diesel DZ7360 main  68504.1446593273.1280.1280
Diesel Machinus Steel/Gun/Brown Multi-Time DZ7360
Diesel DZ7362 main  93996.1446593288.1280.1280
Diesel Machinus Black Steel/Holographic Multi-Time DZ7362
Diesel DZ4379 main  36632.1446588317.1280.1280
Diesel Chief Automatic Gunmetal DZ4379
Diesel DZ4379 back  22653.1446588316.1280.1280
Exhibition Caseback of Chief Automatic
Diesel DZ7364 back  43880.1446593051.1280.1280
Exhibition Caseback of Mr. Daddy Jump Hour Automatic
Diesel DZ7364 main  85575.1446593051.1280.1280
Diesel Automatic Mr. Daddy Jump Hour DZ7364
Diesel DZ7356 main  90556.1446593264.1280.1280
Diesel BAMF Gunmetal Chronograph DZ7356
Diesel DZ7357 main  64368.1446593283.1280.1280
Diesel BAMF Steel/Brown Chronograph DZ7357
Diesel DZ7321 main  91206.1446620501.1280.1280
Diesel Mini Daddy Steel/Blue DZ7321
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