50% Off Select Minus-8 Watches - Five Days Only - Half Price the Layer, Edge and Zone Collections


Minus-8 Watch Flash Half Price Sale

Five Days Only, The Layer, Edge & Zone Watches are 50% Off

One glance and you know these watches aren't like anything else. Construction of gradating layers of stainless steel assembled resulting in a truly unique aesthetic. We love them and we're thrilled to offer select MINUS-8 WATCHES (as shown below) for half price over the next five days.
MInus-8 Layer Automatic -Black/Rose Gold
Every watch is a time machine. Minus-8 are designed in a place that’s long been connected to the future, San Francisco California. They even get their name from the time-zone they started in, MINUS-8.
Minus-8 Layer Automatic -Black/Red
Minus-8 Layer Automatic -Black
MINUS-8 respects the drive that dreamers, entrepreneurs and trendsetters must possess as they pursue their passions and work to manifest their own destiny. They seek aesthetic direction by presenting the most essential functionality clearly. They celebrate relevance before heritage.
Minus-8 Edge Black/Gold Chronograph
Minus-8 timepieces are the product of a futurist, architectural mindset and years of challenging our partners to perfect a construction method that radically defies convention.
Minus-8 Edge Black Chronograph
Minus-8 Edge Grey Raw Chronograph
Minus-8 Zone
Obsessive attention to a brutalist aesthetic, established Japanese movements, space-age details and best-in-class materials define a collection that represents a new standard within the category.