Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Zodiac Sea Dragon Automatic & Mr Jones Ladies Edition of the Sun & Moon, The Accurate and Cyclops Watches


It's Perfect Timing For Him and Her

New Arrivals from Zodiac & Mr. Jones Watches

Is he into vintage aesthetics and mechanical machines? The new additions to the Swiss Made Zodiac Sea Dragon Automatic collection aim to please that kind of guy...
Alternatively, if she's into modern design and independent thinking, you'll score big time with any of the three new ladies editions from Mr. Jones Watches.
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MrJones Cyclops Ladies side  73576.1449175953.1280.1280
MR JONES LADIES CYCLOPS: Cyclops offers a more relaxed form of timekeeping and reminds us that we are not slaves to time. Instead of the conventional hour and minute hands Cyclops has a single circle to mark the time. The circle gradually moves around the dial - one revolution every 12 hours.
MrJones SunMoon Ladies side 2  33542.1447380959.1280.1280
MR JONES LADIES SUN & MOON: The crescent shaped sky on the dial represents 12 hours with the time running from left to right. At 6am the sun 'rises' on the left of the dial. The sun slowly climbs in the sky until it reaches the apex of the crescent midday. The sun gradually descends until it reaches the right hand marker at 6pm.
MrJones Accurate Ladies side  07409.1449099373.1280.1280
MR JONES LADIES ACCURATE: The hour and minute hand on this watch form the phrase "remember you will die". The design is a link to the tradition of the memento mori - an object that reminds us that life is brief and that we should seize the moment while we are here.
“The watch today is a defunct tool - we all have a mobile phone to check the time on, but the watch endures because it expresses something of our personality. Whilst many watches are a symbol of material wealth, Mr Jones Watches are concerned with ideas.” Crispin Jones, founder Mr Jones Watches
Zodiac ZO9908 main  51912.1447054916.1280.1280
Zodiac ZO9908 Sea Dragon Automatic -Silver/Rose Gold
Admired as one of the most legendary collections in ZODIAC's history, the Sea Dragon represents the heroic spirit of the brand’s beginning. This faithful interpretation of the original features a classic retro case of proportion and simplicity, with colored dial options and a Swiss Made Automatic movement.
Zodiac ZO9909 main  42755.1447054842.1280.1280
Zodiac ZO9909 Sea Dragon Automatic - Olive
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