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Top Watch Conversation Starters

Find one that speaks your language

Seduce your date, liven up a lame happy hour or even redeem yourself after a faux pas: Express your personality with a watch that demands to be noticed or that begs the question, 'What's up with that veritable gallery of kinetic sculpture strapped to your arm?'
We've said it many times before but watches tell us so much more than just the time. From inspired designs and mystifying displays to unique materials and complex movements, our selection offers endless ways to spark up a conversation about what's on your wrist.
ziiiroeclipsemetalgunmetalmintsoldier  21080.1445016134.1280.1280
Ziiiro Eclipse
Xeric XS23017full.1  53488.1445014356.1280.1280pixelz  73139.1446692403.1280.1280
The XERIC Xeriscope² Squared
Qlocktwo W Time In Words
A0281107  72447.1444955584.1280.1280  16222.1446938360.1280.1280
Nixon Rotolog Dark Wood & Teak
Projects PPF Black 7214BM 40 Mesh  46768.1447103383.1280.1280
Projects Watches - Past, Present & Future
ProjectsOntheRightTrackthumb  40423.1445019637.1280.1280  14382.1446763720.1280.1280
Projects Watches - On The Right Track
Diesel DZ7365 main  84634.1446407486.1280.1280
Diesel Dual Automatic Limited Edition DZ7365
BradleyBlackangle  79247.1445014259.1280.1280
EONE Bradley Classic Black Mesh
Projects7265full  35503.1445008676.1280.1280  67322.1446765592.1280.1280
Projects Watches - Nadir
timespace4  57954.1444956454.1280.1280
M-Theory Time & Space Zero Gravity
AeromaticA1384Soldier  34325.1444955235.1280.1280  53838.1446313635.1280.1280
Aeromatic Dual Time Zone Skeleton Automatic/Quartz Hybrid
Click Shower Blackthumb  70433.1445012502.1280.1280  93300.1446758222.1280.1280
Click Watches - Shower Black & Blue
CelesteBlackMonoweb  80132.1444955324.1280.1280
Ziiiro Celeste
Fossil EKW1000front  35921.1445014507.1280.1280  42623.1446758782.1280.1280
Fossil x Eley Kishimoto Retro Timer Ltd. Edition Watch
RetrowerkRS017Full2  24025.1445014649.1280.1280pixelz  45712.1446686400.1280.1280
Retrowerk Compass Automatic
StormTrilogySteelfull  62374.1444956955.1280.1280
Storm Limited Edition Trilogy
oraunicawhitefront.1  97057.1445014656.1280.1280
NAVA Ora Unica
slowO11Angle  84445.1445019122.1280.1280
SLOW 'O' One Hand 24 Hour Dial
Mr.JonesVigntMillestand  71753.1445010477.1280.1280  51881.1446763414.1280.1280
Mr. Jones Vingt Mille 20,000 Leagues Watch
Mr.JonesGoldUlveglugfull  97150.1445014384.1280.1280  67552.1446762842.1280.1280
Mr. Jones Sun & Moon Ulve Limited Edition