Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chronometrics Watch Collection


The minimal, contemporary and understated form shouldn’t be the final creation, it should inspire you to create.

Designs for the makers, the creatives, the creators. It’s for the life architects who shape their time and space to design their own world.

Cronometrics Architect L10 Rose Gold Black Leather
A triangle is the simplest form of a connection between 3 points. It’s the base for every three-dimensional object and therefore a starting point for every creation. It is a natural geometry and with our watches, we want to give this thought into the hands of everyone who wants to put his life in balance, wants to shape his time and create new things. It’s for everyone who likes to be creative, and has a good understanding of detail. The minimal, contemporary and understated form of THE ARCHITECT shouldn’t be the final creation, it should inspire you to create. We put a lot of effort in the watch design and try to achieve a natural balance of details and fashion by using interesting material combinations.
Cronometrics Engineer S6 Rose Gold Mesh
On most watches, the hour positions three, six, nine & twelve are presented so prominently on the watch face. But a watch is a watch, not a compass with four cardinal directions. For us, these four times of a day don’t have any particular meaning.
A day breaks up into three intervals instead. For example: Sleep – Work – Relax or Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner. Those are the times when something in our routine is changing. That’s why the breakdown into 3 parts has more natural reference to us than a breakdown into four parts like on most watch faces. Of course this can’t and shouldn’t be applied for everyone’s daily life routine. But it was the initial idea to start with for our watch face designs, and we’ll see where it goes in the future.
Cronometrics Engineer L21 Gunmetal Brown Leather
Cronometrics Architect L16 Gunmetal Brown Leather