Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mr. Jones Flying Scotsman - A New Limited Edition Automatic Timepiece

MrJones FlyingScotsman

A Special New Limited Edition Automatic

This watch was a joint development between Mr Jones Watches and Mark Champkins, Inventor in Residence at the Science Museum. On devising the concept for the watch, Mark comments, “I loved the idea of creating a watch to celebrate the journey taken by the iconic Flying Scotsman as is tore through the British countryside from London to Edinburgh. This watch does this in a delightfully unique way”.

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This watch tracks the journey made by Flying Scotsman according to the 1931 timetable, leaving Kings Cross at 10 in the morning and arriving at Edinburgh at 6:15pm. On the watch a revolving pictorial disc tracks the landmarks which the train passed on it’s journey. So at 10am Kings Cross station is visible on the right hand side of the crescent, as the journey progresses so more landmarks appear, until at 6:15pm the Scott Monument in Edinburgh is sighted. The crescent at this moment shows the whole length of the journey with London on the left and Edinburgh on the right.
A Vintage Advertisement For The Flying Scotsman
The artwork on the disc was created for us by Scottish artist Peter McDermott, who says of the commission, “Flying Scotsman for me, represents all that’s romantic and mysterious about travel, from Auden’s famous poem ‘Night Mail’ to John Buchan’s ‘The 39 Steps’, she appears centre stage as the essential ingredient to excite both prose and narrative. She also connects to a golden age of commercial art spearheaded by the iconic railway posters of the 30’s and 40’s. These works of art have become an inspiration to my own illustrations, which attempt to replicate the graphical power of those bygone pieces through today’s digital medium”