Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Brand ::: BULBUL Ore, Pebble & Facette Watch Collections


Time In A Bulbul

It's amazing just how many cool products and designs come out of Denmark. Danish design is just as, if not more relevant today as its mid-century modern beginnings. Never as true with the functionalistic designs of Bulbul watches, now available at Watchismo.
Bulbul can be summed up as an extension of the company’s passions and interests; the forward-thinking aesthetic and playful, Persian name reflects its founder’s inherent love of having the freedom to follow one’s intuition, his restless fascination with traveling and his fondness for interacting with a diverse spectrum of cultural impulses and philosophies. Likewise, the understated design philosophy grows out of Danish design trio KiBiSi’s ambitious, creative quest to actualize products that last for generations.
kibisi 1024x1024
The Designers of the Pebble and Facette are designed by Danish creative collective, KiBiSi.