Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New Nixon Green Crystal & Brass, Vintage Leather & Ranger Chrono Sport Collections

Unmistakable new additions to the Nixon Sentry, Time Teller, C39 & 51-30 Chronograph collections. A subtle green tinted crystal set into brass cases and fit with vintage style brown leather straps combine to create some of the most stylish Nixon timepieces ever.
Nixon Sentry A105 2223 main  60921.1458176499.1280.1280
SENTRY LEATHER - RAISING THE BAR. Nixing the status quo of what you may expect when it comes to classically good-looking timepieces, the Sentry leather has entered the room and raised the bar.
Nixon Timeteller A045 2223 view1  99354.1458176880.1280.1280
TIME TELLER LEATHER - SIMPLIFY Clean lines cut through cloudy philosophy, while its simple, high concept design keeps things precise.
Nixon 5130ChronoLeather A124 2223 main  86306.1458171769.1280.1280
Superior functionality Good looks, brains and brawn combined The 51-30 Chrono rates second-to-none.
Nixon C39Leather A459 2223 main  95062.1458173865.1280.1280
From start to finish. Our ride-along partner as you go where you haven’t and finish what you start.
Nixon RangerSportChrono A958 1258 main  36234.1458176028.1280.1280
Nixon Ranger Chrono Sport - Go Anywhere! Elevated for even more adrenaline, the Ranger Chrono Sport adds a rotating countdown bezel and custom super-durable polyurethane strap with patented locking looper.
Nixon RangerSportChrono A958 000 main  15946.1458175636.1280.1280