Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New SISU Watches - Valor Collection - See Here First!


New SISU Limited Edition Valor Collection

Behold the Bravado Cage, Carburator & Guardian Eclipse

We've all been eagerly awaiting this second coming of SISU and proud to introduce them to you before anyone else! They're back with an entirely Swiss Made 'Valor' Collection, all powered by Swiss ETA movements in both affordable quartz and classic mechanical automatics.
SISU is a powerful Finnish philosophy - translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. The meaning is equivalent in English to "having guts", and the word derives from “sisus”, which means something inner or interior. These timepieces are wrist sculptures of bold and clean design. The SISU signature look and unique detailing set them apart from the competition and convey the strength and boldness that the SISU name signifies.
A SISU compared to a Rolex


In the commitment to create bold and masculine timepieces, SISU chose to size their creations accordingly. This choice brought with it inherent design challenges as a result of the sheer heft of the SISU watch. Their objective was that of industrial elegance ... to produce a large, substantial timepiece yet retain a certain elegance and anatomically pleasing aesthetic. This meant that we had to focus on symmetry and balance. They did not stop with mere case design ... they extended our design language and attention all of the way around the wrist. In addition to creating a large and proportionate watch, they had to consider the anatomical challenge of fit. A watch this large had to have a pleasing fit. They have accomplished this as the metal bracelets are not only aggressively elegant and wide but they fit very nicely on almost any size wrist. The rubber bracelets are every bit as pleasing as the metal versions in addition to being substantially lighter in weight.