$200 Off XERIC XERISCOPE Squared Automatic Watches, One Week Only!


One Week Only, Save $200

Guys, we hope you recognize a good deal when you see one. We may be biased but this is one of the best - a rare deal for select individually numbered limited edition XERISCOPE² Squared Automatic watches. Just $299 - that's a whopping two hundred bucks off, starting today only at Watchismo.com
Only three hundred will be produced for each and once they're gone, no more of these will ever be produced. Just apply the code SQUARED200 at checkout to redeem
Caseback of the XERISCOPE Squared

Conceived in California and born to be on your wrist.

"I'm bold, modern & industrial. To those who aren't close to me, it might seem like I'm all primary shapes and straight lines. Yet I've always had an affinity for all things mechanical. Once you get to know me, you can see my true colors and what really makes me tick. My energy level increases with the simple things in life like a good cup of coffee, an afternoon jog, or high fives with friends. I may come across as a tough guy but I'm really just wearing my heart on your sleeve."