Friday, April 8, 2016

New Mr. Jones Limited Edition Bridge - Only 100 Worldwide, Made In London


Limited Edition

Made In London

Individually Numbered

Only 100 Pieces Worldwide

The Bridge has a wonderfully simplified depiction of the time - each hour is marked by a little character crossing over a bridge in the centre of the dial. The watch has the feel of a tiny theatre - the eye is drawn in by the different layers of printing on the face of the watch.
The design was inspired by a visit to the Togetsukyo Bridge in Kyoto, Japan. The bridge is a well known landmark and you can observe the swelling and subsiding of the crowds who come to visit over the course of the day. The bridge is also the site of an important initiation for local children: boys and girls receive a blessing from a local temple and then make their way across the bridge under orders to do so without looking back. If one ignores this instruction, it is said to bring bad luck as a result. Fortunately none of the characters on the watch ever cast a glance behind them, so you are assured of good luck with this time piece!
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The Bridge was printed and assembled at the Mr. Jones workshop in glorious south London. The dial is printed on white birch veneer to give a warm, living feeling to the piece. The watch is produced in an edition of 100 pieces.