Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nixon Death Star Limited Edition Watch Collection Exclusive Release


New Limited Edition Death Star Collection

Watchismo has them first, just in time to get for your May The Fourth party, the long awaited and eagerly anticipated Death Star Collection from Nixon. The Time Teller, Super Unit, 51-30 and Ranger 45 are all featuring subtle yet powerful elements of the Death Star, both texturally, dimensionally and digitally.
It’s the design details on the dials, bezels, displays, casebacks, pushers and bands, the color applications and storytelling references that bring to life the unique characteristics only found in the STAR WARS | Nixon Collection.
Nixon-51-30-SW-Death-Star-Black-closeup-3  68717.1461194822.1280.1280
Rife with worldly good looks, unrivaled details, and clad durability.
Nixon-Ranger45-SW-Death-Star-Black-closeup-1  25126.1461196702.1280.1280
Rugged construction and concave dial ring add to the gravitas of its imposing stature. Featuring a laser cannon seconds hand and Planet Alderaan at the 4 o’clock hour crown: If you know, you know.
Nixon-Time-Teller-SW-Death-Star-Black-closeup-1  38842.1461197345.1280.1280
Clean lines, high-concept design and Death Star surface texture on the dial keeps things precise.
Nixon-Super-Unit-SW-Vader-Black-closeup  81168.1461196962.1280.1280
The Super Unit LTD goes beyond brawn. A Poron wrapped module welcomes an active lifestyle, so it can take a beating and never quit.
Nixon-Super-Unit-SW-Vader-Black-back  58020.1461196959.1280.1280
Darth Vader Caseback
Nixon-51-30-SW-Death-Star-Black-angle  06524.1461194660.1280.1280
Death Star Caseback