Tuesday, April 5, 2016

SEVENFRIDAY Watches: The V-Series M-Series & P-Series


The Best Time Of Our Lives

Doing what we love for a living has some serious benefits and even more privileges. Last month, we were lucky enough to get to know the SEVENFRIDAY team at the Baselworld Watch Fair in Switzerland. These guys are cooler than cool and their watches are mind-blowingly spectacular in person. What they've been able to achieve with quality, value, finishing and style is second to no one.
Now in three amazing collections including the newest V-Series with its innovative new time system, The M-Series with dimensional disc configuration and the original P-Series that started it all.
SEVENFRIDAY derives its motivation for the new V-Series from Industrial Essence, Revolution and Engines.
Engineering progress constantly strives for higher performance, so with SEVENFRIDAY registering a few more digits up the meter scale. This idea is reflected in the design of the Hours indication as an industrial gauge, creating a new way to read the time. Discover highlights like a brand new case shape, new visual complication, fast strap changer and an embedded NFC chip that allows authentication of official SEVENFRIDAY watches.
A highly avant-garde collection, the M-series offers an ingenious approach to timekeeping. Composed of 6 layers and ten applied parts, these stunning M-series timepieces are both intricate and stylish. Each watch features a unique dial displaying three, customized, internal discs- outer, middle and inner- supplying the hour, minutes and seconds readings respectively.
The original P-Series is inspired by industrial entities from tools, machines and engines to the plants that house these contraptions, 11 applied parts are fused to create them. A by-product of SevenFriday's innovative design process timepieces from the P-Series collection are imbued with a provocative stylishness that is complemented by the high level of mechanical performance produced by the Miyota 82S7 automatic movement.