More Vestal Watches Added to Watchismo's Half Price Category, Get Em While You Can!


Many New Vestal Watches Just Added at Half Price!

By popular demand, we are adding many new styles to the Half Price Vestal Category. See the brand new Dolby digital watch & new styles from the Destroyer, Monte Carlo, ZR3 Chronograph, DeNovo, Canteen and Gearhead.

-> Half Price Vestal Watches

Vestal Destroyer SilNavy Full
Vestal DES3M04 Destroyer Stainless Steel & Navy
Potent, powerful and punctual! The Solid Steel Navy Destroyer will obliterate all other watches in your collection. This watch does not play well with others...
Vestal DBPC002full
Vestal DBPC002 Black Dolby Retro Digital
The Dolby has all the great design details and styling as the Dolby Metal, but in an even more lightweight watch. 70’s retro meets 21st century polycarbonate engineering. A very large digital display makes reading the time quick and easy.
Also available in blue and white (below)
Vestal DEV010 De Novo Polished Black Rose Gold
This De Novo Chrono is an offbeat blend of polished black stainless steel and bold rose gold bezel, markers and registers compete to complete this perfect blend of style and function.
Vestal CAN3N06full.1
Vestal CAN3N06 Canteen ZULU Rose Gold Watch
These Canteen ZULU watches feature a premium Miyota sub-second movement, encompassed by a 44mm wide case crafted from 316L surgical-grade, stainless steel. It features an enamel-filled, screw-down canteen crown positioned at 2 o-clock for added comfort. The attention to detail showcased by the crown extends to the dial which is designed with classic, double printed indices and a traditional outside minute track. The solid stainless steel case is paired with a custom, woven nylon ZULU strap with stainless steel hardware. With a depth rating of 10 ATM/100 Meters, this watch can hold together under pressure. This model features luminous numbers. minute track and hands.
Vestal CAN3N01front
Vestal MCW030full
Vestal MCW030 Monte Carlo Black Rose Gold Watch
The Monte Carlo was the first modern timepiece to feature an analog and digital display - side by side – in an oversized 45mm wide stainless steel case. It’s a uniquely-designed signature Vestal timepiece that is often imitated, but never replicated. With both analog and digital movements, you can keep track of the time in NY and LA.
Vestal ZR3025 Red & Black SS Chronograph Watch
The ZR-3 is Vestal’s largest watch to date. If you’re BIG into retro style watches — this is your time to show it. The ZR-3 is an over-sized premium round chronograph. Its stainless steel case construction includes an extra thick raised crystal, seated in an angular fixed bezel. These design aspects, together with a crown guard and protective pusher design
Vestal GHD008full.1
Vestal GHD008 Gearhead Silver/Black Watch
Inspired by big and heavy American-made cars and motorized bikes of the ‘60s and ’70s, the Gearhead is a Vestal Classic.
Vestal Digichord Ultra Thin Digital Watches
The Digichord is Vestal’s thinnest and most lightweight watch. Only 5.5 millimeters at its thickest point. That’s not much thicker than a couple compact discs. If it didn’t look so good, you’d forget you had it on.


A Bumper Crop of New Ingersoll Watches Have Arrived


Many New Ingersoll Just Added

Ingersoll is a brand to suit many tastes of the mechanical watch collector. Whether you relish the rich company history dating back to 1892 or appreciate the modern classic styling of their wide-ranging collections, you're sure to find one you'll love and wear for years to come.
Ingersoll Dual Time Limited Edition Automatic Power Reserve Watch

Again, this watch has all the finishing and styling of a very expensive watch 
Ingersoll Dual Time Limited Edition Automatic Watch

Another dual time zone automatic with big date & power reserve meter for just a few hundred bucks.
Ingersoll Pullman Limited Edition Automatic Watch

This automatic has all the finishing of a watch costing thousands of dollars but costing just a few hundred...
Ingersoll Pullman Black Limited Edition Automatic Watch

Clean, classic & crazy affordable (under $200)
Ingersoll IN4511RBKfull
Ingersoll IN4511RBK Okies Automatic Rose Gold Watch

The beauty of rose gold & black can not be denied! Look at this perfect specimen with open heart balance wheel...
Ingersoll IN8010BKfull
Ingersoll IN8010BK San Diego Automatic Asymmetric Watch

A very cool & subtle asymmetric design allowing the power reserve to jut outside the dial of the watch.
Limited Edition Ingersoll IN3105BBKW Mechanical Watch

Black & Tan without any froth! Very few will be produced in this extremely limited edition. 
Limited Edition Ingersoll IN3105BBKO Mechanical Watch

Black & Orange, unmistakeably cool color combo! Also very few will be produced in this extremely limited edition.

Ingersoll in3105bbkw back
Ingersoll IN3105SCR Mechanical Limited Edition Watch

Seriously, this collection is going to fly away, don't miss your opportunity for getting another discount on top of already discounted prices. The caseback shows off this beautiful movement for all the ltd. ed. mechanical watches shown here.
Ingersoll Sapphire Limited Edition Automatic Chronograph

One word...MESH! Part of the very limited Sapphire collection, produced in very low numbers.
Ingersoll IN1308BKMBfull
Ingersoll IN1308BKMB Crockett Day/Date Automatic Silver Mesh Watch

High contrast dial, exposed balance wheel & mesh bracelet work in perfect unison here.
Ingersoll 120th Anniversary Black Limited Edition Automatic Watch

A bargain -- this stylish black GMT automatic is just a few hundred bucks, for a limited time and while supplies last.
Ingersoll 120th Anniversary Limited Edition Automatic Watch

Another deal and a half for under $200.  Timing is everything.


See the new Tendence Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Chronographs - The long wait is over!


Our most popular Tendence collection just got bigger.

We can hardly keep these in demand Tendence Carbon Fiber Watches in stock here at Watchismo so we are pleased to introduce two new color combinations like this sharp orange, grey and black & the red, black & white chronographs below.

They will sell out fast & supply is very limited, don't miss out!

See them all here.



New Fossil Watches - A Fresh Crop of Mechanical Time Machines

new fossil

New Mechanical Automatic From Fossil

You think you know Fossil Watches? Many probably don't realize that they produce some very cool mechanical automatic and Twist watches.
Fossil ME3043 Townsman Gold Skeleton Automatic
Don't judge a watch by the dial, or lack thereof. These skeleton automatics by Fossil are completely exposed (no laws against that thankfully) and showcase all the mechanics. Even the hour markers are cutaway from the case.
fossilStainless Steel Fossil ME3041 Townsman Skeleton Automatic
Fossil ME1114MAIN
Fossil ME1127FULL


Top Ten Square Watches - It's Hip To Be Square!


Our Top Ten Square Watches

Aren't you tired of the cliche round watch? If we see another circle, we might just throw up! It's time for our own 'round-up' of some favorite square watches at Watchismo.

See some of our picks below or you can always check out our new square watch category here.

Sometimes it's good to think inside the box.

A modern classic from Nixon Watches, the Nixon Murf is a disc dial like no other. One disc for minutes, the other for hours -- both line up like a turntable to tell the time. Cool features include top case crown, dial illumination from lamp and secret message seen only from one specific angle...

Did we mention it is 50% off? Well, now we did.

Check out the Black Nixon Murf Watch
Ahead of its time, the early seventies LIP Watches still look as modern today as they did back in 1973. Especially this new chocolate brown LIP Mach 2000. Created by famed French industrial designer Roger Tallon, the Mach 2000 collection all feature spheres for crowns.

Check out the LIP Mach 2000 Brown Square Watch
The master of approximate timing comes from an unlikely source, Germany! Like you, we thought Germans only make things precise with precision but not the Qlocktwo. This watch is like nothing else, time is told in words with approximation -- y'know, the way we all describe time in reality.

Check out Qlocktwo Watches
Nooka did it first, time in dots, dashes and blocks of liquid crystal. This forever cool NYC brand was the originator of interpreting and seeing time in a whole new way.

Best of all, all Nooka watches at Watchismo are friggin 60% off!

Check out all Nooka Watches on sale
The Barcelona 666 "Megabyte" series is what is commonly called a "mystery dial". Two dots rotate the outer circle revealing the hours and minutes. One hand is distinguished by the other with one solid and one outlined dot-marker.

Check out the Barcelona 666 Megabyte Watch
We love everything Dieter Rams has designed and we're really excited to now sell the Braun collection of watches. They perfectly capture his "Less is More" ethos.

Check out the Braun Minimal Square Watch
Uhr-Kraft watches of Germany produce massive machines of mechanical precision. We are lucky to have a rare deal on the entire brand, many up to 75% off. Don't miss out, once these sell, that's it.

Check out Uhr-Kraft Watches
01 The One always produces original watches and this is no exception. Simplicity is always attractive if done right and this 'Spinning Wheel' disc watch is definitely done right. And this watch is a major bargain at just $79 bucks, that's 60% off.

Check out the 01 The One Spinning Wheel Watch
Black & White Simplicity... The Vestal Quadra is quite simply a cool timepiece, easy to read, stylish and with 50% code VESTAL50, yours for only $120. That's a fact Jack!

Check out the Vestal Quadra Black Watch
You want square, we've got square -- this impressive timepiece from Ingersoll Watches is a giant cube of steel and functionality. Featuring an automatic mechanical movement with triple date and dual time zone might appear to be a time-traveling homing device.

Check out the Ingersoll Bison Square Watch


The Limited Edition Mr. Jones Observatory Orbiting Sun & Moon Timepiece - This Watch is out of this world!


Mr. Jones Observatory

Limited Edition of only 100

Now Made in London

The Observatory displays the time based on the position of the sun or moon around the earth. The time is read off the scale on the upper half of the face. The position of the sun indicates the hours from 6am until 6pm, while the moon represents the hours from 6pm through to 6am. The golden comet indicates the minutes as it orbits the earth.

The time display on The Observatory is based on the sun and moon type pocket watches that were first produced in England in the late 1600s. At this time there was a period of experimentation into how to represent the time, before the concentric hour and minute hands were established as the universal standard.

The watch is released in an edition of 100 pieces, with each watch numbered on the back of the watch case. The Observatory was printed and assembled in Mr. Jones workshop in London.

See The Mr. Jones Observatory

How to read the time on the Observatory


Orbiting Sun & Moon Hours, Comet Minutes


First Mr. Jones Watches Made in London



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