Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Click Watches introduces the new KEYPAD Watch Hidden Time collection


Click Watches introduces the new KEYPAD Hidden Time collection

Retrogadget watch pioneer 'Click Watches' and Watchismo are proud to introduce the KEYPAD, the second in a series of electronic glory day concept watches.

A chunky number pad and no distinguishable display adds up to a cool new way to showcase the time!

Click here to see the Keypad Watches

"Keypad Watch is ridiculously awesome, awesomely ridiculous"

"The Keypad watch looks like the number pad on any computer keyboard, and you press (almost) any one of those keys to ask the time. The watch then blinks lights embedded in the keys, one by one, to tell you the hour. Thus a zero, then a nine, a one and a five means 09:15. Easy enough, if a little time consuming."

"The Keypad watch comes in a variety of computer-drab colors, from cheap PC beige thru gamer black to a horrible 1980s gray (my favorite). Better still, they come at a price you could reasonably badger your spouse into paying to buy you the perfect Christmas gift."

Click here to see the Keypad Watches

What others are saying...

"A watch that not only shows off your geek cred, but also looks at home in an office and does away with the typical watch face design? If something totally crazy is something that would float your boat, consider the very quirky Keypad Watch.
The only thing watch-like about the Keypad Watch is the strap. From there, it gets completely crazy and impratical--but in such a cool way. The actual watch face is made up of the keys you would expect to find on a calculator or the keypad on a PC's keyboard, each fitted with little lights. Pressing the keypad makes the lights blink in a sequence to inform you of the time (for example, it'll flash 0-7-3-0 if it's 7:30), but you'd have to keep a close eye to make sure you're getting it right!
These retro-styled watches can display the time using both the 24-hour system or 12-hour system, show today's date (by pressing the hash), and come in a variety of key colors. This individuality comes at a price: You'll have to put aside $90 to cover the cost. Still, you can't deny that this watch is so daft that it's awesome."

"Watchismo's badass new multicolored Click Keypad Watches are the followup to the equally badass (and be-dipswitched) Click Watches. Animated blinkenlights on each of the chunky keypad buttons tell the time in a fashion that is delightfully impractical."

"The only thing keypads are used for these days are quick calculations, so you'd expect this Keypad watch to double as a tiny calculator. But it doesn't. While the buttons work, all it does is tell time and look awesomely retro. The $89 watch lacks a display, but telling time isn't as obfuscated as with other design-minded timepieces. The numerical buttons simply light up in sequence when pressed. So if you see 1-2-3-4, then it's 12:34—pretty damn simple. Pressing the # button will instead indicate the current date, and as far as I'm concerned, the clever packaging which incorporates the keypad into a full keyboard graphic is worth the price of admission alone."

"If you like the idea of carrying a keypad around with you on your wrist, you might want to check out the Click Keypard LED Watch from Watchismo. This unique watch doesn’t have a display, but tells you the time."

"Numeric keypads have had a rough decade — the proliferation of laptop keyboards has all but turned the 18-key marvel into a dinosaur. Sure, there are those of us who rely on its number-punching skills to fill out Excel spreadsheets, but for your day-to-day computer user, it's just a thing of the past. If you've been missing the old number pad, Click has just what you're looking for: an absolutely massive numpad-inspired watch."

"Looking for a truly unusual watch? These geeky new watches look sort of like those Casio calculator watches, but without the LCD screen. The Click Keypad watch actually uses the numbered keys on the front of the watch to tell time instead of for doing math."

Get a Click Keypad Watch Here


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Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Ceramic Diesel Franchise XL Chronographs



These indestructable 58mm Ceramic WHITE & BLACK Franchise Chronographs are more than 2X stronger than stainless steel and now available for the holiday season at Watchismo.

If that's not cool enough for ya, check out the new asymmetric cutaway chronograph in ALL BLACK and GUNMETAL & STEEL.

And finally, an überwatch, the triple time zone, multi-color analog-digital MULTI-COLOR and STEEL.

Check out the entire Diesel Watch Collection

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

F*CK CANCER & LOVE HEALTH - New limited edition watches from Mr. Jones



Cancer is a terrifying disease that touches most of us at some time. The message this watch displays is the most aggressive assertion possible that we will not let cancer overshadow our lives and that the human spirit cannot be overwhelmed.
The word cancer is one of the most terrifying in the English language - we fear reading it and dread having to write it. Here it is paired with the word fuck, a crude, offensive word that demands to be read. Here these two ultra-negative words cancel each other out - the sentiment of the two combined is one of hope: a rejection of the fear that cancer brings.
This watch is produced in a very limited edition of 100 pieces, each one numbered on the case back and signed by the designer, Crispin Jones, on the insert card.

10% of the sale price of this watch will be donated to the charity 'Stand Up To Cancer.'

Get your Mr. Jones F*CK CANCER HERE


Very limited edition, don't miss out!

Love health is the companion to the raw aggression of F*ck cancer. The message is a reminder that we should cherish our health, and that we should not take it for granted.
The double positive of the words combines to produce a sense of well being and comfort. The wearer is reminded of this positive message every time they glance at the time.
This watch is produced in an edition of 100 pieces, each one numbered on the case back and signed by the designer, Crispin Jones, on the insert card.

Get your Mr. Jones LOVE HEALTH HERE

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Monday, November 7, 2011

ODM Hacker Watches - New Minimalist Collection from designer Michael Young - Available Exclusively at Watchismo

Original Dynamic Minimal




"If I were still alive, this is totally the watch I'd wear." 

-Buckminster Fuller, Futurist

Looking more like an Event Horizon than a timepiece, the Hacker's deep concave dial rises up from the sunken center lined with form fitting graphics leading your eye to the time, the negative space hands appearing behind the capped steel disc on top of the crystal. Just imagine Marc Newson's iconic Ikepod cut in half and drugged with some very strong painkillers -- and you get the Hacker...
Check out the brand new Hacker Watch collection designed by Michael Young for ODM and sold exclusively at


ODM Hacker Watches come in six colors, All Black, Black/Silver, Silver, Gold, Purple, and Blue
Hacker designer Michael Young at the Hacker Launch Party
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mr Jones All Around The World Watch - Landmark Timekeeping!

Mr Jones Watches 'All Around the World'

All Around the world has eight distinct hour hands. Each hand is a landmark building in a different time zone. You can see at a glance the time in the different zones by reading it off the angle of the building. A pigeon (the universal city dweller) marks the minutes. This watch is produced in an edition of 100 pieces, each one numbered on the case back and signed by the designer,
Crispin Jones, on the insert card.

Mr. Jones produced a time lapse film of the watch running inside the clock tower of The Caledonian Park clock in London (many thanks to Alfie Dennen for facilitating this).

A new design from our fifth series. This watch allows you to visualise the time in different countries - eight are represented on the single hand.

From a distance the hour hand appears to be a graphic motif, upon closer inspection it resolves to show the detail of landmark buildings around the world.
The time is marked by:

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco: GMT -8

Salt Lake Temple, Utah: GMT -7
Sears Tower, Chicago: GMT -6
Statue of Liberty, New York: GMT -5
Big Ben, London: GMT ±0
The Eiffel Tower, Paris: GMT + 1
Istambul's minarets: GMT + 2
Red Square, Moscow: GMT +3

The watch comes in an MJW presentation box which features a specially commissioned artwork by illustrator Beibei Nei (


Case: 316L stainless steel

Strap: Black leather with dark grey stitching
Width (3 o'clock to 9 o'clock): 37mm
Height (from lug to lug): 46mm
Mechanism: Single jewel quartz
Waterproof: 5ATM
Guarantee: 12 months

Click to view Mr Jones 'All Around the World' Watch

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Mr Jones Last Laugh Tattoo Edition Watch Now Available

You will have the Last Laugh!

Mr Jones Last Laugh Tattoo Edition just in time for Halloween

The time is read on the skull's teeth - the upper jaw shows the hours and the lower jaw the minutes.

Click here to see the watch in motion in a time-lapse video

This special edition version of The Last Laugh features artwork by British Tattoo artist Adrian Willard. He works in a traditional old-school style using simple, bold lines and just 3 or 4 colors in his tattoos. He explains the sugar-skull design for the watch face, "skulls have always been a very popular subject in tattooing, a part of the rebel culture that it once represented. These days tattooing is quite mainstream but the skull remains the classic image. The sugar skull comes from a the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. Many gifts and offerings are handed out, sugar skulls are gifts that can be given to both the living and the dead. It has become a very popular image in the tattoo world over recent years."

Get your Mr. Jones Last Laugh at

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Click Dip Switch Watches - The Nerdiest Watches in the World!

Spanking New Brand!


"These Click watches are probably the nerdiest timepieces we have ever seen. And we love them."

Charlie Sorrel, Editor - Wired

These new watches are reaching back into the glory days of electronics for their inaugural Dip Switch and Turn Switch timepiece collections. If you look at the circuit boards of any 80's arcade game or electronic device, you'd find these switches. Designed to be used on a printed circuit board along with other electronic components and are commonly used to customize the behavior of an electronic device for specific situations.
Click Watches have ingeniously re-appropriated these 'retro-tronics' into an entirely new way to show digital watch functions. Each mechanical switch activates a different function of the watch as seen in the diagrams in the product pages. Functions ranging from bar graph metered time display, 12 hour and 24 hour digital time display, month, date, day of week and backlight. Stainless steel casing 42mm x 35mm. One of the best features is the actual circuit board packaging, see below...

Click Watches are available exclusively at!

See what others are saying about Click Watches...

"It's like having a circuit board on your wrist, a geek flag, a hacking bandana. You. Like. Computers."

Casey Chan, Editor - Gizmodo

"Mouth-wateringly dorky watches."

Cory Doctorow, Editor -
Dip Switch in black steel and green casing with electronic ribbon fabric strap
Click Watch packaging in actual circuit board cutout
Click Watch Dip Switch in electronic ribbon fabric strap
Click Watch 'Turn Switch' with stainless steel strap - time shown in meter mode
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mr. Jones The Accurate 'Remember You Will Die' Watch is now a Clock!

Click image to view the Accurate

The Time of your life!

Mr Jones The Accurate "Remember you will Die" is now a Clock

On this clock the hour hand reads "remember" and the minute hand "you will die". The dial of the clock is mirrored, reflecting the viewer in the clock face and making it clear that the message is directed at all of us. The clock is a link to the traditional 'memento mori' - an object designed to remind us that life is brief and that we should make the most of the time we have.
The Accurate is the first clock from Mr Jones Watches, the design is based on our best selling watch of the same name. The hands of the clock are laser cut into the letters and then painted on both sides (so that the text can be seen in the mirror-image on the dial).

Get your Mr. Jones Accurate Clock at

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