Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Perhaps, The Creepiest Watch Commercial Ever Produced! Diesel Timeframes Ad That Will Never Be Aired!

Yeah, it is likely this ad will creep you out but I thoroughly enjoyed it. A perfect blend of mental illness and style! Perversion-chic!

I mean, dig the guy fondling the oriental carpet with his supercool Diesel watch - you must own that!

And the guy who you know smells like pee just barely gets his nipple through the door! Where is his watch? Dare I ask?

The bar has been raised watch advertising world. Air this masterpiece during the Superbowl!

BLASTS FROM THE PAST - Strolling Down The Memory Lanes of the Watchismo Vintage Museum Pages

Ok, I once used these pages to catalog and drool over time slipped through my fingertips these past 12 years online. Nearly all the watches from my now ancient Museum Pages are long gone - sold or in my carefully guarded personal collection, but the pages are worth revisiting for inspiration of all sorts. Hell, some of them are just downright ugly and worth a laugh. Enjoy!

LINK --> The Old Watchismo Museum Page 1
The Old Watchismo Museum Page 2

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