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All Tendence 'Crazy' Watches are 60% Thru Sunday

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Catch a glimpse of one of the brightest, boldest, awe inspiring watches ever created by Tendence, which has been aptly named the Tendence CRAZY. Made up of six eye catching, unmissable, brightly colored models, this line has an undeniably irreverent appeal.
Tendence Crazy Multi Black Blue Grey Yellow Green
Tendence Crazy Multi Orange/Yellow/Black
Mixing together a whole spectrum of brave colour combinations and simultaneously breaking all sorts of color rules, with up to five different ones incorporated into one single watch, as well as checkered patterns, stripes and dots - twinned with the distinctive Tendence case design complete with two piece dial structure and 3-D numbers - the Crazy line quite simply demands your attention and screams originality.
Tendence Crazy Chrono Swarovski Stones Multi Color
Tendence Crazy Swarovski Multi Color
Some of the models have bling dazzling Swarovski elements on the steel bezel with steel plated 3-D numbers, whereas others have matt stainless steel plating on the bezel with black 3-D numbers, creating a more unisex appeal.
Each of the Crazy cases is nicely finished with a cabochon crown. The Crazy dual colored strap is the icing on the cake - silicon is the perfect material choice thanks to its excellent color retention properties which are essential for such vivid colors.
The overall effect of the Tendence Crazy is quite simply sensational. Just like the character that will fall in love with the Crazy, this watch is truly larger than life.
Tendence Crazy Swarovski Medium Yellow Blue
Tendence Crazy Medium Blue & Black
Tendence Crazy Medium Black Yellow Green
Tendence Crazy Swarovski Medium Red & Magenta


Limited Edition G-Shock Gravitymaster, Gulfmaster Triple Sensor & Pro Trek - See Them First


Extremely Limited Supply

These Will Sell Out Within Days

You snooze, you'll lose out on this collection. We can hardly keep really limited G-Shock watches like these in stock before they sell out, some disappear within a day of release.
So here's your chance, as a subscriber, you're getting this before anyone else.
Get your LTD G-Shock HERE or take a look at the specific models just released below...
These new color combinations are the latest additions to the world-popular big case series. The band, case, and other parts of these models feature white and other vivid basic bold colors that really stand out on the wrist.
This model is new bigger and better version of the G-Shock best-selling 6900 series. An impressive list of features includes 10-year battery life, high-intensity LED illumination, α gel shock-resistant construction, and much more.
GA-100CS-9A l
The watch that delivers unmatched toughness, comes a collection of new models that deliver a new level of protection. These watches are designed and engineered for rough and rugged activities.
GA-110CS-4A l
G-Shock is the ultimate tough watch. It was born from a developer's dream of "creating a watch that never breaks." Guided by a "Triple 10" development concept, the design teams sought a watch with 10-meter free-fall endurance, 10-bar water resistance and a 10-year battery life.
PRW-6000Y-1A l
New addition to the PRO TREK lineup of analog-digital Triple Sensor Version.
In addition to sensors for taking bearing, altitude, and barometric pressure readings, the wearer is alerted to significant changes in barometric pressure by a beeper alarm and by an indicator on the digital display.
An auto hand shift feature momentarily moves hands away from digital readouts when you check displayed readings, to make them easier to see. Other features include a dual LED illumination system for the face and digital display, Smart Access, Tough Solar, radio-controlled timekeeping and more. Everything about these watches is designed and engineered to make them the ultimate in ease of operation and reliability. All this multi-functionality is packed into a 12.8 mm slim configuration.
GW-A1100R-4A l
Introducing GRAVITYMASTER, the active timepiece that features TRIPLE G RESIST construction to resist the forces of impact, vibration, and G forces, plus Smart Access capabilities for simplified operation. This model is one of the first GRAVITYMASTER models to include a digital compass, thanks to the development of a direction sensor that is an amazing 95% smaller than its predecessors. The hand that indicates direction is made of carbon fiber, a first for a G-SHOCK watch.
MULTIBAND 6 allows pick up of six different time calibration signals around the globe. Of course, the time setting can be adjusted manually in areas where a signal is not receivable for some reason.
Other features include a Tough Solar power system, sapphire glass with anti-glare coating, and large buttons with anti-slip surfaces for easier operation. All of this plus a face layout designed for easy reading makes this model the perfect choice for aviators and anyone else who needs instant access to information while on the go.
Introducing GULFMASTER, the new G-SHOCK Series that’s designed and engineered with the maritime adventurer in mind.
GULFMASTER includes the first G-SHOCK models to incorporate both Triple Sensor Version 3 and Smart Access in the same watch. In addition to barometric pressure, altitude, bearing, and temperature readings, these new models also feature Tide Graph and Moon Age capabilities to help keep you in close touch with your natural environment. Sudden extreme changes in barometric pressure are alerted using a dial hand, LCD display, and alarm. Double LED lighting illuminates the LCD, and also adds a face light at 6 o’clock to keep information bright and easy to read even in total darkness.
GWN-1000-9A b
The designs of these Gulfmaster watches have been modeled after the look of shipboard instruments to create an attractive marine look. Large buttons are provided for critical light and sensor operations to help make operation easier and more intuitive.
All of this and much more makes all of the models in the GULFMASTER Series the logical choice for the maritime adventurer who desires something extra in performance and overall toughness.

New Nixon 48-20 Chrono, Diplomat, Sentry, Corporal, Time Teller, Unit and More...

Nixon A3631625full

New styles, new straps & new standards from Nixon

The latest additions to our massive Nixon watch collection
Built on a foundation of custom-built, team-designed products that have something to say, Nixon's goal is creating watches you didn’t know you needed but upon first glance you knew you couldn’t live without.
See all Nixon Watches here or check out these new releases below...
Nixon A3631625
Scaled to fit any situation and designed to look good at any speed, the 48-20 Chrono Leather takes bold styling cues from racing instrumentation and adds a rich, well-traveled leather band. With chronograph accuracy to 1/20th of a second this serious timekeeper only looks like an easy rider. The 48-20 is the alternative to the norm.
Nixon A2771421front
Brawn and Brains all in one, the Swiss GMT movement allows you to tell time in two locations at once. The Diplomat can take you around the world without losing track of where you came from. Movement: Swiss Made Ronda GMT quartz 4 hand with 24 hour time and date.
Nixon A277000front
Nixon A2431656full
A forceful display of superior style. The new Corporal takes command. Stripped of all but the essential function of keeping true time, the Corporal distinguishes itself as a leader. The strategic blend of high-caliber construction and disciplined design result in a forceful display of superior style.
Nixon A1051752full1
While it's true that you never know what is going to happen, The Sentry covers most of the bases, providing protection from most everything that could happen within the seconds, hours, days, weeks, and months of the regular calendar. It's your won't-quit, always obedient, ever-watchful, and timely guard against mayhem. Unless otherwise ordered.
Nixon A045001full
If time is relative, do you still need to be punctual? Your best friend, your rock, in this crazy, inconsistent, and yes, oftentimes not-entirely-on-time world has got to be the Time Teller. Bold, simple lines cut through cloudy philosophy, while Japanese quartz movement keeps things precise. Because even your loftiest term paper still had to be in on schedule.
Nixon A045000full
Nixon A045100full
Nixon A045511front
Nixon A045897front
Nixon Cosmos A1971802hero
When you hit the park, you'll need a watch that's got the same flash and style that you do - and the tricks to back it up. The Unit comes in a range of fresh custom polycarbonate color ways and a custom digital interface with dual time, timer, chrono, alarm and light. It's also got a temperature gauge, so no matter how thick the powder, you'll always know who's hot.
Nixon A1971630full
Nixon Unit Black Iridium
Nixon A1971780full
Nixon Unit Translucent Iridium