Ziiiro Watches - if watches had emotions, these are having the most fun of all...


Time For Fun

ZIIIRO WATCHES are designed to make time for fun. Futuristic, minimalist, bold. Every design embodies the ZIIIRO vision of creating incredible timepieces with unique appearance and style. These space-age timekeepers remind us to zig while the world zags, and to take all the time we need to live and enjoy a life that’s awesome.
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ZIIIRO MERCURY displays time in a simple and unique way. The tip of the inner blue swirl represents the current hour, while the outer swirl displays the minutes, with a continuous gradient movement showing the passing through time.
The ZIIIRO CELESTE combines the beauty of color and form by display time using two transparent colored discs. Overlapping both discs creates an array of blending colors.
The ZIIIRO ECLIPSE uses patented Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 pigments for high-performance non-radioactive luminescence which shows the dial/hand in white color during daytime and glows Blue/Green in the dark.
The ZIIIRO ECLIPSE METALLIC MESH offers day and night visibility with bright illumination in the dark. Forget the days when you have to look for a light source or dig your pockets for the mobile phone to read time in the dark. This watch glows in the dark with sufficient activation by sunlight or artificial light.
A special edition available in Rose-gold (without SuperLumiNova) is now available.
The ZIIIRO SATURN'S unique liquid crystal display rides through time by propelling its hour and minute through black segments. The hour can be deciphered from its outer ring of 12 segments and minute from inner ring of 60 segments.
The ZIIIRO TITAN POCKET WATCH has the same liquid crystal display as the Saturn. Whether you need it as a pocket watch or stylish pendant accessory. Titan is your brightly colored special charm. Incredibly lightweight with a beautifully crafted aluminum casing.
The ZIIIRO GRAVITY is a clock face without hands or markings, but a constantly changing pattern of rings indicating the passing of time. The main theme is minimalism, so there are no distracting elements in the design.
Resting on a patent pending bracelet strap, it combines silicone and metal to form a flexible bracelet watch.
The ZIIIRO ORBIT displays time by utilizing two planets, the colored orb representing the hour and white orb displaying the minute.
The ZIIIRO AURORA displays time using two transparent gradient discs, blue color representing the hour and yellow displaying the minute. By overlapping both gradients, it creates a new array of green color that will catch attention whether at the beach or going out on a date.

The Last of the XERIC XERISCOPE Squared Automatic Watches


Once They Sell Out, That's All Folks

Produced in a strict limited edition of 300 numbered timepieces and utilizing one of the most unusual movements ever created.
Through Valentine's Day (Sunday!), just apply code HEART15 at checkout to get a major chunk of change off any Limited Edition XERISCOPE² Squared Automatic.
Meet The XERIC Xeriscope² Squared Limited Edition Watch
I'm bold, modern & industrial. To those who aren't close to me, it might seem like I'm all primary shapes and straight lines. Yet I've always had an affinity for all things mechanical. Once you get to know me, you can see my true colors and what really makes me tick. My energy level increases with the simple things in life like a good cup of coffee, an afternoon jog, or high fives with friends. I may come across as a tough guy but I'm really just wearing my heart on your sleeve.

Be Your Own Valentine, Final Week For Up To 20% Off


Love Thyself, There Is Time For You

Good thing we don't know when our own time is up but we can tell you when this sale ends...Valentines Day. Just one week left to use these discount codes sitewide at checkout to take an additional 10%, 15% or 20% off most watches, many already discounted so you can save some serious moolah!
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Winners of our Instagram Photo Contest

A XERIC HALOGRAPH Automatic shot by @drstevephoto
The HALOGRAPH CHRONO, shot by @jhwphay
Congratulations to the winners of this month's XERIC Instagram photo competition. Here is a very cool wristshot of the Halograph Automatic submitted by @drstevephoto and Halograph Chrono by @jhwphay
Each month, we select a winner of two categories; Best Wristshot and Best Still Life (or two from one category if warranted) for shots tagged on Instagram with hashtags ‪#‎xericwatches‬, ‪#‎halograph‬, #‎xeriscope‬ or #watchismo.
The winner of each will receive a free Halograph or original Xeriscope strap shipped free worldwide. Please enter as many times as you want with new compositions restricted only by your imagination. Next round of winners will be selected towards the beginning of each month.
Also, be sure to follow Xeric Watches on Facebook and @xericwatches and @watchismo on Instagram or Twitter for the latest info
FYI: next month's winners may be selected by popular vote (likes/comments).

New Limited Edition Nixon Night Ranger GMT with Tritium Tubes



Limited Edition GMT Nixon NIGHT RANGER Tritium Dial

This new Nixon Night Ranger Tritium GMT is your tactical assault watch; featuring Tritium tubes for the ultimate time-telling night vision.
Nixon A9362325 view1  43012.1453404847.1280.1280
Nixon Night Ranger Tritium GMT Limited Edition
Movement: Swiss Made Ronda GMT quartz 4 hand with 24 hour time and date.
Case: 44mm, 100 meter/10 ATM custom stainless steel case with hardened mineral crystal. Unidirectional stainless steel bezel, contrast plated stainless steel bezel insert with color fill countdown timer markings and tritium tube insert at the main triangle marker, custom screw bar lugs, solid stainless steel double casket crown featuring a tritium tube, crown placement at 4 o'clock for comfort, stainless steel screw down caseback.
Band: 22mm custom solid stainless steel free-swing 3 link bracelet and solid stainless steel double locking clasp with micro adjust

Meanwhile, on Instagram:

halograph-a savran-2
A new XERIC Halograph Automatic shot by last month's Instagram winner; @a_savran

Is She Always On Your Mind? See What's New From Mr. Jones Watches


New Always On My Mind & Cyclops

Two new additions to the always eclectic and thought provoking Mr. Jones Watch collection at Watchismo.
First, the 'ALWAYS ON MY MIND' (left) watch is nostalgic for the time when a love letter was something you could hold: the hour and minute hands spell out always on my mind in a typewriter font, as if each of the letters has been tapped out by hand.
On the right is a variation of Mr. Jones popular CYCLOPS model. Cyclops is designed to be read in a relaxed way to remind us that we shouldn't be slaves to time.
The watch dispenses with a conventional arrangement of hour, minute and second hands; instead a single hour marker passes around the dial. Each hour is represented by a different gold circle, the red hoop eclipses and releases each circle in turn to indicate the time.
This deluxe edition has a goldtone PVD coated stainless steel case and matching stainless steel mesh strap.

See the entire collection of Mr. Jones Here.

Half Price Off All LIP Watches of France


For the First and Last Time

50% off all LIP Watches

At first glance, you might assume these are modern designs - but you'd be wrong - these iconic French watches were first introduced way back in the early 70s! Now we're nearly all out of stock so we're celebrating this great collection by giving you 50% off with the code LIP50. Just apply at checkout to redeem.
"These futuristic designs made their mark over four decades ago when LIP bought more time with a revolutionary series from the great architects and industrial designers of the day." -Mens Vogue
"After all, looking back is the best way to look forward." -Surface Magazine
"Proving that good design is timeless, they look as modern today as they did nearly four decades ago." -International Watch Magazine

Maximilian Büsser & Friends - The Smelling Salts of the Watch World...Wake Up and Smell The Space Pirate!

We all know there are cool watches, classic watches and collectible watches -- but then you get to the world of Horological Machines -- in a class of their own.  If that doesn't make sense to you, MB&F watches are quite honestly the Umami, that savory taste you can't quite put your finger on but you know you gotta have it. Without naming names, you very well know what watches are sweet, sour, bitter and most definitely salty!  But what you don't know, that UMAMI is the taste that doesn't get old, it only gets better with each bite!

Horological Machine No.6 - now in limited "SV" editions, in sapphire crystal combined with streamlined red gold or platinum. The sapphire crystal alone requires 350 hours of careful machining and polishing, just for a single case - the equivalent of 2 months' worth of working days...

Learn more about this performance art piece . . . mbandf.com/machines/horological-machines/hm6

A New Limited Edition XERIC XERISCOPE Automatic in Silver & Tan

XeriscopeLeather TanSilver XS3020

Limited Edition New Color of the Original XERISCOPE

Many of the original XERIC XERISCOPE watches are now sold out; never to be reproduced again. Today is your chance to snag a limited edition Xeriscope Automatic in Silver & Tan. It's a timeless variation we think you'll appreciate...get one while you can!
Xeric Xeriscope Automatic Tan/Silver Limited Edition

Sexy New Nixon C45 SS Collection Now Available


The new C45 SS collection from Nixon took our breath away as they arrived. Curious to know if you agree, especially since we think they'd make some pretty good Valentine's day gifts to him or her - wink, wink. nudge, nudge...
Classic style on a modern scale. A new take on old-school style with small, but significant details in a 45mm field-inspired design.
Nixon A951 510 view1  87176.1453403404.1280.1280
Nixon C45 SS Gold/Black
MODERN VINTAGE - A new take on old-school style with small, but significant details in a 45mm field-inspired design.
Nixon A951 1418 view1  18909.1453402312.1280.1280
Nixon C45 SS Gunmetal
Nixon A951 307 view1  58257.1453399261.1280.1280
Nixon C45 SS Navy Blue