Monday, April 12, 2010

ODM Watches - Original, Dynamic, Minimalist - New Watches from designers Michael Young & Jean-Charles de Castelbajac for O.D.M. Design

Award-winning design studio ODM Watches (Original, Dynamic and Minimalist) radically re-imagines the watch face by moving buttons to the center and positioning dual displays on the top and bottom of the case's sides, lending a bold new look along with better functionality. The reconfigured design makes a big improvement on tiny side-mounted buttons that are tough to use, and the two displays make it easier to read the time from any angle—even while driving.

Made from matte plastic in white, red, lime green or black, the water-resistant timepieces are a limited edition and feature UK designer Michael Young's signature engraved (along with a serial number) on the back.

The O.D.M. Reverse makes an affordably on-trend accessory choice for a playful Spring look.

Quadrant "command center" face

Double reverse LCD displays lit
Sideview of white

Green illumination

ODM Reverse Digital Red

Red illumination

Designer Michael Young
Reverse Sideview Digital (above)
Reverse Dome Mystery Dial (below)

The other Reverse collection from Young features a domed mystery dial watch with hands exposed only on the sides of the watch and a light activated by just tapping the top of the dome! Available here--> ODM REVERSE MYSTERY DIAL COLLECTION.

Blue illuminated dial (just tap the top of the dome to activate!)
Sideview of white dome

Illuminated green

And finally, very unusual and stylish new models created by designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac for the ODM "JCDC" UFO Bloc collection. It's a colorful collection of watches - 4 red yellow blue green color portholed digital displays light up one by one with sound!

See the entire ODM Bloc collection--> ODM BLOC COLLECTION.

designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

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