New Styles From Ingersoll Watches at Watchismo - Classic Automatic Watches

New styles from timepiece legend Ingersoll. Classic & complicated automatic mechanical watches featuring power reserve meters, dual timezones, exposed movements, retrograde displays, triple date calendars, chronographs and more!

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Over the course of their highly successful careers, Robert and Charles Ingersoll -- founders of one of the oldest American watch companies -- are acknowledged to have reached many milestones in the development and sale of pocket watches and wrist watches.

In 1880, the two sons of Orville Ingersoll -- a farmer from Michigan -- founded their enterprise in New York by producing and selling various articles for which they believed there was a general demand. Until that time, pocket watches were expensive luxury items, available to an exclusive few, because their manufacture entailed a great deal of highly skilled labor.

The Ingersoll brothers pursued ambitious aims: on one hand to sell watches to a broad public and on the other hand to offer reasonable prices while providing high quality. Alongside the existing hand-made watches, in 1882, thanks to Henry Ford, they succeeded in developing automated production, first for pocket watches and later for wrist watches.

Manufacturing high quality items under the motto of "One watch exactly like the other," they charged the very reasonable price of one dollar (a single day's wages at the time). This was how the so-called "Dollar Watch" or "Yankee" was born, of which over a million were produced. The advertisement for them, at the time, read: "The watch that made the dollar famous." The Ingersoll brothers achieved considerable success through their innovative sales policy.

By the end of World War I, Ingersoll was able to demonstrate sales of 50 million pocket watches along. Ingersoll customers included speakers of 20 different mother tongues. Even Mark Twain, whose "Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn" embodied the quintessential image of the young American, was so eager to own a "Dollar Watch" that he sent his order directly to the company. Thomas Edison relied on his "Yankee" and even Theodore Roosevelt mentioned that while hunting in Africa he was described as "The man from the country where Ingersolls are produced".

The history of the United States is reflected in the Ingersoll legend. A legend that lives on!

First Look! Philippe Starck Minimalist Watch Collection Unveiled

New Never Before Seen Philippe Starck Watches

Watchismo is proud to be the first store on the planet offering the new Minimalist Analog Philippe Starck design watches. A streamline case with black or mirror dials as the background for an elegant new hand display. Both hours, minutes and seconds 'churn' off balance giving a windmill or other power generating effect. Very simple, very Starck!

Few designers have been as prolific as Paris Born Philippe Stark. An extraordinary mix of rock star, mad inventor, romantic philosopher and leading edge designer. Starck has worked tirelessly and passionately to transform the perceptions and realities of our daily lives, touching the deepest wall-springs of our consciousness to evoke response and reconsideration while pioneering a vision of de-materialization. He has turned prestigious hotels across the globe into the new classics of the hotel world, the world's great museums frequently exhibit his work, he has received numerous awards for the visionary interiors he has created for the likes of French President to his furniture designs to his award winning boats, including the Grand Prix for Industrial Design, Officier des Arts et de Lettres. Designer of the Year and many more... Philippe Starck may be the most famous and prolific designer alive. His desire for transgretion and challenge, of aesthetic and cultural provocation made him change our lamps, door handles, cutlery, kettles, vases, clocks, homes, scooters, motorcycles, desks, beds, taps, toothbrushes, baths, toilets, watches… in short, our whole life.



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The Vestal Collection offers both a vintage vibe and a futuristic feel with music being the inspiration for the overall aesthetic look. It's the energy created by music that influences nearly every facet of style and fashion today and drives the Vestal brand.

These are more than just timepieces - they are accessories that fine-tune style and expression. They are products of a lifestyle that compliment the well-being and personal sensibilities of the music-inspired individual. Vestal is committed to building a brand you can relate to and to designing watches with style, flavor, design, comfort and function.

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To celebrate the newest releases from Diesel, Watchismo is giving away two of these bad boys to two lucky people.

Your entry puts you in the running for either the ion-plated blackout steel or military-inspired gunmetal version - each with three separate time zones and chronograph, measuring 55mm wide in either black steel or gunmetal. The winners will receive (with free shipping) the Diesel DZ4201 All Black or the Diesel DZ4202 Gunmetal.

Diesel DZ4201 & Diesel DZ4202 Triple Time Zone Chronographs

See the NEW FOR 2011 DIESEL collection here: NEW FOR 2011 DIESEL WATCHES

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New Eleven Eleven Dual Strap Watch Collection

Founded in 2009 upon a simple premise: design a series of watches as unique as the individuals that wear them. Crafted using the finest materials, with a keen eye for detail. Available in stainless steel or colored aluminum, each watch boasts a Swiss movement, and has its own unique color palette, accompanied by a set of interchangeable straps designed to match the watch case. Wear one strap to work in the morning, and then change the band to create a whole new style come nightfall.

It's often said if you glance at a clock and it reads 11:11, your to stop and make a wish. If you truly believe, your wish will come true. Eleven 11 was created to remind you that in a way, it's always 11:11. You have the power to make your dreams come true. All you have to do is make a wish!

Eleven Eleven Blue/White/Green Watch

And the complete sets (one watch, two straps)

NOON COPENHAGEN WATCHES OF DENMARK introduce new XL 50mm No. 51 Series


The Danish brand Noon has created a collection of watches that play with color & design and combine with an innovative new display. Seemingly simple, these watches feature multiple hemisphere discs, both transparent and opaque blending together to change colors as the day progresses.

click here to view NOON Copenhagen No. 51 Collection