Thursday, February 23, 2012

Watchismo Has Unlocked The Vault - Devon, Azimuth, RSW, Meccaniche Veloci, U-Boat Watches and More!

Extraordinary Time Machines Inside!

We're officially launching The Vault, a curated collection of high end independent mechanical watch brands. Watchismo is an authorized dealer of timepieces from Devon, Azimuth, Meccaniche Veloci, RSW, Ritmo Mvndo and U-Boat watches. Many more brands and independent watchmakers are being added soon, so be sure to check out The Vault at Watchismo... 'The Times they are a-changin'.


DEVON is a reinvention of the watch. The Tread 1, daring and inventive, represents the exploratory American spirit. The exposed movement is a mesmerizing display of the patented interwoven system of conveyor belts. This series of belts includes critical elements that allow the optical recognition system to know every belt position at all times.

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AZIMUTH starts with a thought; a contemplation of our place on this planet. A mathematical term which defines the arc of a horizon from a reference point, it is a mode of measurement used by astrologers, navigators and military men to survey their bearings. But more importantly, Azimuth represents a cerebral pursuit - a reflection of Time and Space as determined by the word's Arabic roots, which translates to mean "route taken by a traveler".

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U-BOAT Watches, just like their original namesake, these watches are bold, aggressive and oversized. These timepieces embody force and style and reveal the unique personality of the man behind the revival, Italo Fontana. Every individual U-Boat watch is handcrafted in Italy and each tiny detail is overseen by Italo Fontana himself.

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MECCANICHE VELOCI is Italian for "Mechanical Speed", these are time machines that expertly combine motoring engineering and the sophisticated, high-end world of watches. In short, a solid project driven by a powerful vocation – a deep passion for engines.

Enter Meccaniche Veloci Watches

RITMO MVNDO - Architecture, geography and time integrated by commonality of culture, heritage and history are hallmarks of RITMO wristwatches. The offering provides fresh, innovative inspiration fit for any modern lifestyle. With unique details such as Persepolis’ orbital cases or special edition diamond models RITMO Italian and Swiss techniques redefine the independent watch market.

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RSW's neo-brutalist design pays homage to futurism, oblique architecture, the super computers and the first electronic musical instruments. Anxious to create a timeless object, it is also a male symbol and not easily transferable. At the same time, serious and unique, mature and childish. Outland is presented like a strong and very masculine watch without complexity, a courageous contemporary object turned towards the future. RSW develops the theme of the compass in the way of indicating time.

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