Monday, August 27, 2012

DEVON TREAD STEAMPUNK Limited Edition Available at Watchismo


This was just a dream project at first, but based on the overwhelming positive response, it's now a reality and coming to Watchismo this Fall!

The watch will be the epitome of the Steampunk movement with its bolted brass casing and aeronautically engineered mechanical conveyor belt time system. This is the ultimate in Victorian Futurism...


Devon is a reinvention of the watch. The Tread 1, daring and inventive, represents the exploratory American spirit. The exposed movement is a mesmerizing display of the patented interwoven system of conveyor belts. This series of belts includes critical elements that allow the optical recognition system to know every belt position at all times.

The Devon Works Tread watch is arguably the most cutting edge watch made today, a timepiece of striking visuals and technology. The Tread 1 Watch features four internal 2-micron thin belts that spin within the case to display the time. It’s powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable cell that is charged by wireless induction. This electric system runs the belts that are kept in tune with an optical technology. Add that all up, and you have one of the most technically advanced, visually stunning watches ever made. The Devon Works Tread 1 Watch was designed by a California aerospace company, a group that is quite comfortable with fitting square pegs through round holes. This watch is a prime example of their technical prowess.
Operating out of California, DEVON is the only American watch company using its own proprietary movement. In late 2010, the Tread 1 was nominated for the Gran Prix d’Horlogerie de Genéve in the category of Design and Concept Watch – the first American watch brand ever to receive this laudable recognition.

Led by founder Scott Devon and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Devon Works, LLC is a design lab dedicated to creating innovative luxury products that exemplify the American spirit.

Devon Works LLC, a Los Angeles-based advanced engineering and design laboratory made a name for themselves by reinventing the watch when they released their now-iconic timepiece, the Tread 1, arguably the most cutting-edge watch made today that combines striking visuals and breakthrough engineering. The Tread 1 dazzled the watch world with its patented system of interwoven time belts powered by its very own electromechanical hybrid movement. The DEVON team employed experts from outside the watch industry, relying upon engineering talent from within the United States aerospace industry - an industry founded on the principle of constantly achieving seemingly impossible tasks.

Although modern in appearance, the DEVON Tread 1 was actually inspired by the Industrial Revolution and the invention of conveyor belts. Now DEVON’s creative lab is releasing a special edition of their debut timepiece, aptly named Tread 1 Steampunk. "If you love watching the wheels, cogs, and gears do their thing as I do, it doesn't take too long to connect the dots to the Steampunk design genre and the Victorian fantasies it conjures," states DEVON’s founder and Creative Director, Scott Devon.

What began as a design study turned into a reality when the first Tread 1 Steampunk renderings were shown to a select group of the world's most prolific watch collectors. "We were inspired to put Steampunk into immediate production by the responses we received and subsequently moved it ahead of some of our other projects," notes Ehren Bragg, DEVON's Managing Director.

Although very similar in size and configuration to the normal Tread 1, Steampunk is instantly recognizable as something special. The piece measures 56mm x 50mm x 18.5mm and exterior case parts are covered by bronze “body armor,” a term coined by DEVON’s Chief Engineer, Jeff Stephenson, because of the way the cladding protects the original Tread 1 case structure. This body armor is a complex system of parts that is accented by extensive riveting as well as screws and fittings made of a pleasantly contrasting mix of brass and bronze finishes.
Phosphor bronze spring spacers are placed at the four corners of the armor adding even more depth to Steampunk’s aesthetic. The visual symphony carries on inside the case where the most recognizable features are the movement’s brass motor housings and the newly designed indicator plate that’s intricately etched to accomplish a delicate, vintage appeal. The fiberglass-reinforced nylon Time Belts are dark brown while the numerals are executed in an off-white color. All of these elements, among others, contribute to a decidedly antiqued and bespoke appearance.

The Devon Tread 1 Steampunk will be limited to a special edition of 150 pieces and retail for US$25,000 when deliveries begin this November. "I believe this is a must-have watch for any serious watch collector, I know I can't wait to wear mine. In fact, it's been so well-received that we’re even thinking of launching a line of Steampunk luggage and briefcases," adds Devon. The watch’s charging device is a work of art by itself and it’s easy to see why the lab is considering extending the design to other segments.

"There is a quote from Robert Brown that so succinctly defines the world of Steampunk," concludes Devon. "Steampunk is a sort of dream, the way we used to daydream. It's like part of your childhood is just bursting forward again.’ My hope is that our inventions continue to prompt the same emotive responses from people that we’ve received thus far.”

About Devon Works, LLC
Led by founder Scott Devon and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Devon Works, LLC is a design lab dedicated to creating innovative luxury products that exemplify the American spirit. Devon Works began with the design of the exclusive Devon GTX supercar and continued with the revolutionary Tread line of timepieces.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Meccaniche Veloci Quattro Valvole & Superquadro Chronograph Watches


Meccaniche Veloci Quattro Valvole CCM Brembo Carbon Fiber Limited Edition

Meccaniche Veloci and Brembo team up to create the World’s 1st and only Carbon-Ceramic watch.

For many years now the Formula 1 industry has championed the use of carbon fiber as a superior material for creating a competitive edge. With the current buzz surrounding the Moto GP and the Ducati carbon-framed Desmosedici GP9, it seems only timely that two other Italian companies should unveil the world's first carbon fiber encased wristwatch, the Quattro Valvole CCM.


Meccaniche Veloci is Italian for "Mechanical Speed". This watch has four distinct faces for tracking time in four different time zones, each with its own Swiss mechanical automatic movement. Keep time simultaneously in London, New York, Rome, and Gstaad with this oversize, 4-movement automatic mechanical watch from Italy.

Quattro Valvole is a wristwatch born of an intuition, to produce a prestigious object based on the idea of a four-phase engine piston, the pulsing heart of the best competition racing cars. The watch is a mix of motor engineering and personality, which links the worlds of automobiles with luxury watches. The Quattro Valvole not only draws the spirit that animates it from the world of racetracks, but also its design and the essential components of the case and finishing. Thus, Meccaniche Veloci has created this special wristwatch, which is synonymous with exclusivity, elegance and a strong personality.
Meccaniche Veloci Racer Quattro Valvole Copper Limited Edition
Meccaniche Veloci Factory Quattro Valvole Carbon Fiber Limited Edition
Meccaniche Veloci Quattro Valvole MUD 4 Automatic Limited Edition
Meccaniche Veloci History Inc. Limited Edition
Meccaniche Veloci SuperQuadro Rally Racing Titanium Automatic
Meccaniche Veloci Superquadro Chronograph is a watch designed for the true fans of motorbike racing. These chronographs come with impeccable functioning and visible movement, which makes them even more enticing. The Superquadro is equipped with Swiss-made Valjoux 7753 mechanical self-winding calibre that performs 28 800 vibrations per hour and has 27 bearing jewels.

Monday, August 6, 2012

NORMAL WATCHES - You'll Need To Take A Second Look

Looks are deceiving, the hour hand is actually a cut out disc revealing the hour digits.

Normal Timepieces

But Also Out Of The Ordinary!

At first glance, Normal is an elegant, minimal watch. But things are not so simple - a subtle effect is taking place as elusive numbers pass in and out of view. The hour "hand" is actually a disk, with the hand silhouette reversed out, exposing the numbered face beneath.

Designer Ross McBride created Normal Timepieces as a venue to express his own aesthetic, and thoughts on design. He has been greatly influenced by pioneering mid-century American design, as well as the Japanese sense of minimalism, and craftsmanship.

Ross believes that the products we choose for ourselves, particularly the ones we carry with us throughout the day, are extensions of us. They should act to reenforce our persona, not distract from it. Therefore, as policy, our identity never appears on the watch face, so that his brand never competes with your brand.

Normal products are created for those who appreciate such subtlety, and have a quiet confidence in their own design sensibilities.
Normal 'Extra Normal Grande' All Black Steel Mesh GM03
'Extra Normal Grande' Gold & Mesh Strap GM04
Four styles of Extra Grande Normal Watches available including gold

Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIESEL BATMAN & BANE Limited Edition Watches from The Dark Knight Rises FIRST SNEAK PEEK & PREORDERS


'The Dark Knight Rises' watch collection from Diesel is available for preorder exclusively at WATCHISMO!

Two perfectly designed timepieces from Diesel combining the delicate balance of good and evil into some very cool chronographs. The stealthy black steel and rubber features of Batman watch and the brutally rugged elements of the Bane edition capture the essence of each character.

We've seen many collaborations before but this is the first time we've seen a brand design products that you could actually imagine these guys wearing while still be cool enough to want to wear them too!



This SBA Chronograph style features a blackened stainless steel case with hidden under-bezel LED lamps that light the dial in a powerful glow. Industrial designed rubber strap emulates the Batsuit.

Preorders are being taken now only at for the approximate November 2012 release. Inventory is extremely limited so don't miss out, this collection is finite and when they sell out, that's it forever!


This SBA style chronograph features a gun metal stainless steel case with hidden under-bezel LED lamps that light the dial in a creepy glow. Leather studded strap and color scheme emulates the clothing of über-villain BANE from Batman The Dark Knight Rises.

UPDATE (August 2nd 2012): Due to the tragedies in Colorado, Diesel has decided to not release the production of BANE watches out of respect for the victims. We understand their perspective but also wish the heinous acts of one subhuman in Colorado didn't further cast a dark shadow on these inspiring series of films and everything related to it.