Ziiiro has definitely created a watch world of their own and now with this latest orbit, they introduce something quite unexpected, the Saturn.

Saturn's unique liquid crystal display rides through time by propelling its hour and minute through black segments. The hour can be deciphered from its outer ring of 12 segments and minute from inner ring of 60 segments
The concept of the first ZIIIRO Watch is a clock face without hands or markings, but a constantly changing pattern of rings indicating the passing of time. The main theme is minimalism, so there are no distracting elements in the design, and after a short time you will acquire a feel for reading the time.
Available for preorder today and in limited supply, get one before they sell out here; Ziiiro Saturn at Watchismo
Click watch above to view Ziiiro Saturn Chrome
Click watch above to view Ziiiro Saturn Gunmetal
Click watch above to view Ziiiro Saturn Black
First ever backlight function for Ziiiro watches!


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New Tendence Slim Irreverent, Crazy and Fantasy Watches Just Announced!


Cool new Irreverent, Crazy, and Fantasy Watches


With these new collections, there is no excuse not to find the perfect Tendence watch for your personal taste.
Hell, you might even find one that's perfect for work and one for going out!
As you can see, we love this brand, Tendence brings watchmaking to new heights with their unmistakable dimensions. The digits literally grow out of the dial rising above like no other watch you've seen.


November 2012 sees the launch of the brand new Tendence Slim Irreverent Collection; a collection with a very special irreverence and magnetic appeal which is divided between the Slim Irreverent 47mm (case diameter) and Slim Irreverent 41mm.
Composed of a full stainless steel case the Slim Irreverent is a watch of pure design: Svelte and elegant, with its sharp sleek side profile the Slim Irreverent has a thin case and streamlined recessed lugs which form an integral part of the alluring and contemporary design, complete with signature Tendence tri-dimensional numbers.
Adding to the distinctive design of the Tendence Slim Irreverent collection, each watch has an unusual double color strap: one half of the strap is in a darker color, corresponding to the darkest one featured on the dial.

View the Slim Irreverent Collection



The Crazy is one of the brightest, boldest, awe-inspiring watches ever created by Tendence which has been aptly named the Tendence CRAZY. A guaranteed conversation starter, this line is eye catching and unmissable with an undeniably irreverent appeal.
Following the great success of the Tendence Crazy Chronograph models launched at Baselworld in March 2012, November sees the launch of six 3-Hand Crazy models.
Mixing together a whole spectrum of brave color combinations and simultaneously breaking all sorts of color rules, with up to five different colors incorporated into one single watch, as well as checkered patterns, stripes and dots - twinned with the distinctive Tendence case design complete with two piece dial structure and 3-D numbers - the Crazy line quite simply demands your attention and screams originality.
One of the models has bling dazzling Swarovski elements on the steel bezel.

View the entire Crazy Collection



In range of cocktail inspired combinations, each model has its own distinct look and appeal. The Tendence Fantasy line clearly reflects the philosophy which emphasizes choice of expression and individuality.
Composed from a stainless steel and hi-resistance semi-transparent Nytech TR90 case, the Fantasy line has the signature Tendence tri-dimensional numbers. But for the first time, the dual constructed inner ring is composed of semi-transparent numbers and a plain ring which is encircled by a colored gasket. The numbers appear to glow as light infiltrates, creating an added effect of depth and mystery.

View the entire Fantasy Collection


Mr. Jones Sun and Moon Watch & Satellite Watch - New Unusual 24 Hour Watches!

New Satellite & Sun and Moon Watch From Mr. Jones at Watchismo

First ever 24 hour watch with no hands or numbers and the equally unusual revolving 24 hour image watch

Mr. Jones Sun and Moon Watch

Rotating arc of the day and night display
Sun and Moon shows the time based on the position of the Sun or Moon in the sky on the watch face.


The crescent shaped sky on the dial represents 12 hours, with the hours running from left to right: When the sun is next to the leftmost marker the time is 6am. The sun slowly climbs in the sky until it reaches the apex of the crescent, at which point the time is midday. The sun then gradually descends until it reaches the right hand marker at 6pm. After 6pm the Sun ‘sets’ and disappears from view, meanwhile the Moon ‘rises’ on the left. The position of the Moon in the sky therefore shows the hours from 6pm until 6am.

How to tell time on the Mr Jones Sun and Moon Watch

Along with the image of the Sun and Moon, the hour disk features a revolving image with scenes of the natural world that gradually passes as the day progresses. The minutes are displayed in the center dial and these run in the conventional way, so each marker on this dial corresponds to five minutes.

Sun and Moon is a revival of an ancient watch design: "Sun and Moon" watches were first produced in Britain in the late 1600s during a period of experimentation with ways to represent the time. This period of experimentation eventually settled down and the concentric hour and minute hands became established as the universal standard.

The Mr Jones Satellite Watch

satellite1Mr. Jones "Satellite" Watch - First ever 24 hour display with no hands or numbers!
The time telling on the Limited Edition Satellite is enigmatic and unique: the outer hour marker orbits the inner minutes. Each hour is marked by a bright color and these colors follow a regular six hour pattern, so you can learn to read the time intuitively and at a glance.


How to tell time on the Mr Jones Satellite Watch

Satellite is the first 24 hour watch from Mr. Jones, which means the hour hand makes one complete revolution of the dial in 24 hours. The watch has an unconventional arrangement of hour and minute hands: the slow moving hour marker sits outside the the minutes. This was inspired by the movement of celestial bodies: the more distant a planet is from the center of gravity the longer it's orbit takes.

Also featured on Gizmodo:

The case is rendered in brushed steel with a PVD black coating, which gives the watch a hardwearing, sleek appearance.

The watch runs on a 24 hour mechanism, so the circle marking the hour makes one complete revolution of the dial every 24 hours. The illustration shows the mapping of the hours around the face. The minutes run at the conventional speed (i.e. the gold minute marker makes one revolution every 60 minutes).

The 24 hour dial actually predates the more conventional 12 hour: sundials show 12 hours in a semi-circle, so the complete circle would make up a full 24 hours (for obvious practical reasons only 12 hours are generally shown).

New Nixon Elite Watches - Player Automatic, Supremacy, Trader & Magnacon!

Brand New Nixon Elite Class Now Available!

Watchismo has been selected to be one of a very limited number of authorized online dealers for the Nixon Elite class of watches.

Combining custom craftsmanship with the best materials available, each piece in the Elite Class sets a new standard for Nixon. Every detail from the Swiss automatic movements, sapphire crystals and ceramic and titanium carbide coating materials has been considered in the development of this new class of luxury watch from Nixon.

Simply put, these are the highest quality watches we make. Each one is made to the most exacting standards of Swiss watch makers, is custom built and many feature the Automatic ETA movement that has been the standard of quality timepieces for decades. The name says it all, and the looks say even more.

Nixon Magnacon - Elegance built on efficiency
Who decided that luxury means extravagance? Where is it written that a luxurious thing must be a precious thing? The Magnacon indulges itself only in its mechanics - its six hand chronograph movement, its precision time-tracking. It's a watch built for the person who knows that the world doesn't slow down, who wears a timepiece not to be seen, but because there are tasks that need to be performed. And yet, for all of its utility, it contains a simple, durable beauty - elegance built on efficiency, on the knowledge that it won't be outworked.


You're a player and you know it
Being a player requires being dependable, original and having a distinctive personality. As discrete as it is eye-catching, The Player XL combines first class design and hand crafted function with a Swiss Automatic Movement visible through a hardened mineral crystal case back. It's a truly original design, a design synonymous with Nixon's aesthetic. The Player XL packages all of this function in an oversized format, making it the same irreplaceable watch, done larger.

Player's Swiss ETA Automatic Movement

The Supremacy is a thoroughly modern watch, but one that is just as thoroughly timeless. Made for the man who notices differences and appreciates quality, The Supremacy features exotic leather bands in Genuine American Alligator or Genuine Ostrich skins, an engraved bezel, and an automatic movement visible from the case's back. All of which is packaged in a simple and refined design that make The Supremacy a watch that lives up to its name.

 Supremacy's Swiss Automatic ETA Movement

Capable of nailing the time to a tenth of second, and yet it doesn't scream to the world that it's a sports watch. Instead, it's tough without being a bully, stylish without being a dandy. It's a damn capable watch without looking so dreadfully functional. Essentially bombproof - a mix of strong elements in titanium carbide, stainless steel and sapphire crystal - and yet dripping with stealth style. Its seven hand movement means you'll never be at a loss, and its dark styling means that it'll never go out of style.