Friday, July 26, 2013

Projects Till Watch Tells The Time In Words - Ingenious New Timepiece Just Revealed at Watchismo



Telling time is about more than numbers, it’s about the relationship between now and then.


The New Projects Till Watch explores this relationship - so it’s not just 9:50, it’s “Ten Till Ten.” It’s not merely 12:30, it’s “Half past Twelve.”
Yet the words we use to tell time have rarely been reflected on a watch. In our digital age, this useful language is starting to disappear.

Digital watches change the way we view time - presenting it as linear rather than cyclical - distancing us from the very nature of time, which, like the earth’s trip around the sun, is repeated every day.

So don’t just read the time, tell it.

Reserve your Projects Till Watch first at Watchismo!

ProjectsTillTimeDisplaysideways.1The variations of time-telling on the Projects Till Watch

Friday, July 19, 2013

Qlocktwo Clocks Now Available at Watchismo - A Word Revolution in Textual Time


Qlocktwo Clocks

The Words Are Mightier Than The Hands

Off the wrist and into your home, these new Qlocktwo Clocks are one of a kind -- an exercise in textual timekeeping with a contemporary spirit. The hour and minute hands which have graced clocks for centuries have been replaced with rows and columns of text, a system that illuminates the time down to the minute. It is the work of Biegert & Funk, the German watch and clock maker that has created this word-revolution.

Qlocktwo Classic Wall Clock

No hands. No digits.
Qlocktwo makes you stop and look at time in a different way. The typographical display combines the moment with the written word and turns it into a statement. It is half past nine.“

The 45 x 45 cm clock, made of wood with multiple coats of paint, can be used as a wall clock or as a free-standing object. The front panel of the QLOCKTWO is fixed by magnets. In this way it can be changed without visible means of attachment.

The time in words on your wall or desk.

For the first time, Biegert & Funk is exhibiting a completely new kind of clock, the QLOCKTWO does not show the time with hands or digits. Time is indicated on this purist watch as readable text, turning it into a statement: “It is half past nine”. The square watch face has a uniform grid of 110 letters. When the stainless steel button is pressed, words light up in unexpected places which describe the time. The initially random order of the characters lends this wristwatch a mysterious aesthetic. “It makes you aware of the moment. Showing the time becomes an interesting experience for the owner,” explains Andreas Funk from the design duo Biegert & Funk.

Together with the time, it also displays the calendar day or seconds. “It is operated by a single push button and could not be more simple: one push to display the time, two for the calendar day and three for the seconds,” says designer Marco Biegert.

Touch it. Love it.

Qlocktwo Touch is a precision table clock with an alarm function. Like her big sister Qlocktwo Classic, it displays the time in the middle of a matrix of letters, spelling out the time in words. A special screen process gives the letters, which are illuminated by brilliant LEDs, pin sharp definition. In a precise procedure the monolithic body is seamlessly milled from a single aluminium block. The ensemble represents a milestone in the aesthetics of table clocks.  The compact time-keeper with an alarm function for office, living-room or bedroom.
qlocktwolightAlso functions as a night light!

All Qlocktwo Watches are back in stock!

In the last century, watch makers started experimenting with new ways of displaying the time. From quirky digital read-outs to swirling jump-hour displays, timekeeping got visually complicated, and not always for the better. QLOCKTWO did things differently in recent years with the textual display. This watch is a stand-out conversation starter, but unlike the experimental watches of the 1960s 70s & 80s, the QLOCKTWO display is immediately functional. The text read-out is legible at first glance, so it will not take the wearer (or conversation partner) some time to get to know the display.

See All Qlocktwo Watches Here

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Friday, July 12, 2013

CT Scuderia Watches Just Arrived!! The Coolest Bullhead watches you didn't know you needed, but shouldn't live without!



CT Scuderia Bullhead Swiss Timepieces

We must admit these are the coolest Bullheads (stopwatch style with chrono pushers on top) we've ever seen at Watchismo. We're proud to introduce them to our savvy clientele (you!) and let you see some of the very first right here at Watchismo (in very limited supply).

Here at Watchismo, we're very excited about CT Scuderia, it's on everyone's list as our next personal time machine. We're not just retailers - we are watch collectors first and this collection fits the bill for what we're looking for. Style, substance and unique design that you didn't know you needed, but now you can't live without!

Check out the CT Scuderia watch collection HERE

The CT Scuderia Corsa was designed to convey sheer speed. Clean, simple dial design elements and hardware perfectly capture an air of elite racing, and the collection’s Bullhead-style crown-and-pusher placement at the 12 o’clock mark delivers an authentic aesthetic. A cool feature of the Corsa is the easily removable straps which once removed, allow you to use the watch as a traditional stopwatch.

CT Scuderia Flat Racer Swiss Automatic

The Salt Flat Racer was inspired by sheer record-breaking speed. Clean, simple dial design elements and hardware perfectly capture an air of elite racing, and the collection’s Bullhead-style crown placement at the 12 o’clock mark delivers an authentic aesthetic. Swiss automatic timekeeping ensures you're never a second late.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Extremely Rare March LAB Shelby Cobra Watch - 50th Anniversary Timepieces


50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra Swiss Automatic Timepiece

Limited edition series with only five remaining in the US, available exclusively at

MARCH LA.B’s exclusive AM3 50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra Timepiece commemorates the evolution of a legendary vehicle, alongside the release of Shelby American’s own 50th Anniversary Limited Edition CSX8000-series Cobra. Just like its iconic model, only 50 timepieces will be produced.

This collaboration between SHELBY and MARCH LA.B marks the second limited edition project celebrating the hallmarks of a classic style and performance.




A common passion for these values has led to an unprecedented effort to produce a timepiece that captures not only the Shelby performance and spirit, but also its 60’s heritage that saw the first Cobra cars coming to life.
The Shelby Cobra took the sports car world by storm when it was introduced in 1962. Shelby American took the AC “Ace” chassis, inserted a small block Ford engine and re-engineered the car to handle the additional power. On the track, the Cobra defeated sports cars from Jaguar, Chevrolet, Porsche, and others. Fact is, CSX2000 is the first Shelby Cobra ever built and quite possibly the most valuable American sports car in the world today. Shelby honors this icon with a 50th Anniversary Limited Edition CSX8000-series Cobra. Only 50 vehicles have been produced. Exclusive CSX serial numbers have been reserved, from 8950 though 8999.

The AM3 50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra Timepiece is encased in a black chassis, and set against a matte black dial with custom engraved Shelby Cobra Anniversary logo and Carroll Shelby signature in gold. The burgundy dial details and lined strap suggest the Cobra’s wine colored interior.


Monday, July 8, 2013

New Swiss Timing Gauges from Tsovet Watches


The time of your life with Tsovet Timing Gauges

Featuring a subtle, simplified form derived from the lines of aeronautical engineering, the LX73 (shown right) is both rational and functional. Balancing assertive geometrical elements—the 50mm case, the six-screw case back, and considerable screw-down 11mm knurled column crown— distinguishes the LX73. Its laser cut sandwiched dial with embellished numbers and indices affirm the visual identity offering utilitarian design and simplistic grandeur.

Check out the new Tsovet LX73 watch collection HERE


TSOVET SVT-GR44 Swiss Automatic Limited Edition


The SVT-GR44 (model no. GR221010-7750)- driven by the Valjoux 7750 elaborated mechanical calibre - housed within a sophisticated gun metal - 44 mm aerospace-grade 316L stainless steel case, ensuring precision timekeeping. Effortlessly observed under the refined sapphire crystal are sandwiched dial layers, distinct matte finish indicator hands with luminous time function and bold numerical representations. Each watch is limited and individually numbered 01 to 51.

TSOVET SVT-GR44 Swiss Automatic Limited Edition


Tsovet SVT-CN38 Collection

The SVT-CN38 showcases the basic elements of the coveted traditional time piece with accents of 40’s California modern contemporary design.

Check out the Tsovet SVT-CN38 Watches


Tsovet SVT-AT76 Watch Series

Born from avionic instrumentation’s lasting durability and swiss precision, the AT76 characterizes a journey over time. Inherent to the timepiece is the technical appeal natural to vintage avionic gauges. Driven by a Swiss quartz movement, and housed within a sophisticated 48 mm aerospace-grade 316L stainless steel case, the AT76 ensures precision timekeeping. Easily observed under the anti-reflective hardened mineral crystal are distinct indicator arms, bold numerical representations, and date calendar.

See the latest Tsovet SVT-AT76 Watches


Tsovet SVT-AX87 Metal Series

The SVT-AX87 provides technical accuracy and durability and now with Tsovet's first ever stainless steel straps. The evident technical precision the series presents can be viewed through the trademarked ventilated crown guards. The twelve top ring screws, each positioned at five minute time intervals, solidify the precision timing detail. The 46mm six piece case is milled from aerospace grade 316L stainless steel and house both mechanical and quartz calibers. Through the anti-reflective, hardened mineral crystal, time is effortlessly viewed by the representative luminous hands and inset dial beset with TSOVET’s branded numerical positioning.

See all Tsovet SVT-AX87 watches


Tsovet SVT-GG42 Watch Collection

The distinguished avionic styling of the SVT-GG42 references back to the coveted P-51 Mustang instrument gauges. The SVT-GG42 provides function and accuracy. Traditional design details accompanied by sophisticated construction provide a modern approach to this unique timing gauge. The engineered aerospace-grade 316L stainless steel eight piece case is assembled with a four post piston column. The dial view is accented with traditional super luminova diamond cut hands accompanied by TSOVET's branded numerical positioning. These components accent the SVT-GG42's sophisticated design.

Check out the Tsovet SVT-GG42 Watch Collection


Tsovet SVT-NM85 Collection

The Imperial Navy's Baltic fleet divers heavily influence the SVT-NM85. TSOVET's hybrid diver captures the essence of uncompromising craftsmanship and durability. Our brushed finish 50mm media-etched case and hand applied model name plate, fixed bezel as well as the 11mm locking screw-down crown, exemplify TSOVET's discernment of modern styling. This hybrid diver's well-designed components Swiss movement, BDL black dial, super luminova markers delineated in hi-vis white, super luminova second hand, and italian rubber wrist strap confirm the SVT-NM85's practical functionality. Toughness and reliability, a trademark of divers in shipbuilding yards across the world, are instrumental in achieving the vision of this TSOVET timepiece.

Check out the Tsovet SVT-GG42 All Metal Watch




Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wouldn't It Be Nice? Wood Watches at Watchismo


Wouldn't It Be Nice...

The MARCH LA.B SHELBY Limited Edition Green Hornet Watch is BACK in stock and Watchismo is the only shop in the world to have them!

Celebrating one the rarest Shelby automobile prototypes of all time: the Shelby EXP 500 known as the “Green Hornet”. This exclusive timepiece reflects on Shelby’s heritage of pure performance and racing aesthetics. Encased in a black chassis set against a wood dial replicating the original dashboard.

Check out the March Lab Shelby Green Hornet Watch HERE
Nixon Rotolog in Matte Black Steel & Dark Wood

The blast from the past of Nixon's glory years, the Rotolog, based upon very obscure jump hour watches from the seventies and combined with Nixon's undeniable signature styling. Now available in this very unique matte black steel and dark wood paneling!

See The Nixon Rotolog Black Steel Dark Wood Watch
Nixon 51-30 Tide & Chronicle in Black Steel & Dark Wood

Two Nixon classics in the amazing combination of dark wood and blackened steel. Sometimes the right color combo just says, "That's it, wrap it up!" This is one of those limited supply!!!

Check out the Nixon 51-30 Tide Dark Wood
Check out the Nixon Chronicle SS Dark Wood
Clomm Terra Firma Wood Watches

The collection is inspired by the Latin phrase “Terra Firma”, which translates as "on solid ground". The Terra Firma collection has extra large 52mm watches in black IP stainless steel cases, sapphire crystals and high quality Swiss movements.
Clomm is a boutique watch brand established in 2011, specialized in creating minimalist and distinctive design with timeless appeal. The brand takes inspiration from the 12th century Anglo-Saxon word “Clomm” meaning "to grasp", reflecting the founders English roots. Clomm products are made from materials of premium quality, embracing design, engineering and craftsmanship. The philosophy of the brand has been very clear from the beginning- To combine minimalist design with uncompromised quality.

See these Clomm Watches in Oak, Cork & Rosewood
The Rosewood Slim

A refined 28mm wide, women’s bangle made from renewable real wood. It features a 23mm solid stainless steel case with premium Japanese 3-hand analog movement recessed into the top link. The links are held together by durable elastic cord allowing the band to stretch over the hand and provide a comfortable fit on your wrist.

Check out The Vestal Rosewood Slim Watches