Sunday, September 22, 2013

Welder Pocket Watches & Other Big Brash Bad Ass New Watch Collections from U-Boat Founder Italo Fontana


Welder Wows With Wicked Wonders of Workmanship

Welder Introduces Their First Ever Pocket Watches, Steampunk, Split Level, Chronograph and GMT Series at Watchismo.

Welder, the brainchild of U-Boat Founder Italo Fontana has done it again, this time he's putting cutting edge instruments into your pocket as well as entirely new designs for your wrist.

Man up! Check out the latest collections below...

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Welder K45 Chronograph
The Welder K45 Chrono is built from marine-resistant AISI 316L stainless steel, running a super, accurate OS30 Miyota quartz mov't. The double layer black dial with luminous hands, large luminous Arabic numbers and stick markers make for an easy-to-read timepiece. Functions include hours, minutes, seconds display and chronograph. A genuine leather strap with butterfly clasp allowing for quick on-&-off as well as reducing stress on the leather. True to Welder form, it comes in 100 meter water resistance.

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Welder K42 Steampunk Chronograph
The Welder K42 Chronograph with its antiqued ion plated AISI 316L stainless steel case transports you to the dawn of the Industrial Age. While its exterior might look vintage, its internal mechanism is a premium OS1A Miyota Quartz mov't. The dial with carbon fiber design, luminous hands, luminous Arabic numbers and markers crosses the boundaries between the past and the future. Strap this steampunk apex on with its black, conditioned-leather strap featuring a butterfly buckle. Water resistant to 100M lets you know it will withstand the tests of time.

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Welder K44 Split Level Chrono
The Welder K44 Chronograph case made from AISI 316L stainless steel case, ion-plated split bezel, and striking color accents screams LOOK AT ME! Yet it's minimally bold black dial, luminous hands, luminous Arabic numbers bring it back down to reality. A unique steel crown beckons you to turn and burn. The futuristic design aspects don't stop at the exterior, the K44's internal mechanism is a premium OS10 Miyota Quartz mov't that has a proven track record and will keep-on-keeping-on for years to come. Strap this eye-catching time machine on with its black rubber strap featuring a butterfly buckle. Water resistant to 100M lets you know it will withstand the tests of time.

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Welder K41 Chronograph Pocket Watches
The Welder K41 Chronograph Pocket Watch features a ion-plated AISI 316L steel case with color accents. Inside this behemoth pocket watch is the reliable 6S20 Miyota movement. The dial is black with carbon fiber design, luminous hands, luminous Arabic numbers and markers. This could possibly be the biggest pocket watch ever made!

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Welder K48 GMT Watch
The Welder K48 is made with surgical-grade AISI 316L stainless steel. This GMT watch has two separate dials and movements for local time and an additional time zone. Keeping you on time on multiple continents are the super accurate 2036 & 5Y20 Miyota Quartz movements. The dial is black with steel hands and white luminous Arabic numerals and stic markers. Welder stays true to form with a man-sized 50mm case with custom, premium-blend polyurethane rubber strap with butterfly clasp/buckle, and a depth rating of 100 meters.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Mr. Jones Average Days Watch - Not Your Average Timepiece!

Average time spent eating...

New Mr Jones Average Days 24 Hour Watch

An entire day averaged out on the dial.  

How Does Your Day Compare?

Limited edition of only 100 watches (individually numbered)

Average Days visualizes statistical research into how the average person spends their time. The colored slot shows what the average person is doing at any particular time of day. You can see how you measure up to this ‘average’ individual and whether you, on average, are more or less average.

The data for this watch was compiled for us by Professor Jonathan Gershuny who is director of the Centre for Time Use Research. The data is taken from nearly 5,000 people who participated in a survey looking at their weekday activities.
All 24 hours of the day are represented on the dial and unlike most traditional watches, this watch translates an entire day with one revolution of the activities-hour-hand.

Your Average Days, but not your average watch!


47-L6-howtoreadHow To Read the 24 Hour Dial Display - The hour hand rotates the dial only once a day!
Average time spent with friends
Average time spent sleeping

About Mr. Jones Watches


These Watches are intelligently crafted design pieces that do more than just tell the time...
Designed by Crispin Jones, they are genuine indie products entirely conceived and executed following a singular vision. To use a cinematic analogy: most watches may be thought of as Hollywood blockbusters replete with happy ending and saccharine sentiment; Mr Jones Watches in contrast are film noir - interested in the anti-hero and the complicated pleasures of everyday life...

“The watch today is a defunct tool - we all have a mobile phone to check the time on, but the watch endures because it expresses something of our personality. Whilst many watches are a symbol of material wealth, Mr Jones Watches are concerned with ideas.” Crispin Jones, founder.

Founded by London-based designer Crispin Jones in 2007, Mr Jones Watches aims to create and produce watches that do more than just tell the time. A masters Degree from the Royal College of Art combined with a history designing for companies including Casio Research and Phillips Design has influenced the way Crispin approached his designs.

To achieve the intricate and playful designs in the collection, Mr Jones Watches uses a series of rotating disks layed on top of each other. The idea, usually used in the design of children’s watches, allows for intricate illustrations and more experimental layouts; whilst still showing the time.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ingersoll Mechanical Watch Collection


New Ingersoll Watches

Modern vs Classic & Minimal vs Complex

Ingersoll is a brand to suit many tastes of the mechanical watch collector. Whether you relish the rich history dating back to 1892 or appreciate the modern styling of their wide-ranging collections, you're sure to find one you'll love and wear for years to come.

Automatic mechanical timepieces are endlessly fascinating in this overwhelming electronic world. All of the watches featured here and the rest of the Ingersoll collection at Watchismo are pure machines, no batteries required as they generate power by the motion of being worn on the wrist!
ingersoll6Available in Rose Gold & Black or Rose Gold & Brown
Ingersoll Cimarron Automatic

A very unique two-tone steel and rose gold casing, Cimarron uses a 733 calibre automatic movement with 35 jewels featuring an open balance wheel, exposed caseback, month, day and date.

ingersoll1Available in silver stainless steel or blackened stainless steel
Ingersoll Bison No 43 Automatic - Limited Edition

Rising from the massive base plate, the BISON N° 43 rises from the wrist and uses a 615 calibre automatic movement with 28 jewels featuring month, day, date and 24 hours display.

Ingersoll2Sideview and movement of Bison No.43
ingersoll3Available in three colors, Orange/Black, Purple/Black and Purple/Black
Ingersoll Bison No.33 Automatic

This bold chronograph is one of the most popular styles from Ingersoll, now in more vibrant styles. The No.33 measures 52mm, uses a 520 calibre Automatic movement with 20 Jewels featuring year, month, day, date and 24 hour display.

ingersoll4Sideview & Movement of Bison No.33
Ingersoll Houston Automatic Automatic

The Houston is a perfect example of detail with simplicity. This chronograph uses a 523 calibre automatic movement with 22 jewels featuring date, day and 24 hour display.

Friday, September 6, 2013

More CT Scuderia Watches at Watchismo - Bullhead/Pocket Watch Hybrid!

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By Popular Demand...

More CT Scuderia at Watchismo

Not many brands just take off and hit the 'sweet spot' with all sorts of watch collectors -- but that's just what happened when we tested out the new brand CT Scuderia earlier this summer. Due to the overwhelming reception by our customers, we've quickly expanded our collection with the following latest additions. These are entirely unique 'Bullhead' style watches unlike anything we've seen before...and we've seen a LOT!

Designed by Enrico Margaritelli, the CT Scuderia brings to life, the visions and ideas developed on the dashboard of this visionary Italian designer. From the fine lines and curves to the intricate detail and craftsmanship, Enrico shares his family legacy with the world one watch face at a time.

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CT Scuderia Cronoscalata Pikes Peak Rose Gold

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb , also known as The Race to the Clouds, is an annual automobile and motorcycle hillclimb to the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado. Designed for precision performance, the Cronoscalata Pikes Peak aims for the sky with its classically luxurious rose gold plated case, black perforated genuine leather straps, and traditional yellow luminous indices.
*CT Scuderia Saturno Bullhead Chrono Rose Gold and Black Chrono (below)*

Dedicated to the Gilera Saturno which was made in Italy from 1946 to 1958. Only 6,026 were made, but they have left a lasting mark in motorcycle history. In style & construction, CT Scuderia's Italian blood runs deep. The Saturno shows its Italian pride with red, white and green accents on the pushers, crown and hands. The rose gold case with black lugs really makes this watch stand out.
CT Scuderia Veloce Bullhead Chrono Black

Veloce, fast, quick, speedy, rapid... this is what racers think all the time. The Veloce watch doesn't disappoint with its stealthy black ionic plated case and large aviator-style luminous hands. Genuine perforated black leather straps inspired by classic racing gloves.
CT Scuderia Red Zone Bullhead Chrono Silver

Chronograph is a specific type of watch that is used as a stopwatch combined with a display watch. A basic chronograph has an independent sweep second hand; it can be started, stopped, and returned to zero by successive pressure on the stem. This is what a racer needs to check its time…on the Red Zone. Made for racing, made for style! Reflecting the racing "redzone," this watch hints at the critical first 15 minutes of a race. In style & construction, CT Scuderia's Italian blood runs deep. The Red Zone showcases its Italian pride with red, white and green accents on the pushers, crown and hands.