Thursday, February 27, 2014

Five New Military Chronograph, GMT Automatic & World Time Watches from Aeromatic of Germany


Cool New Chronograph, GMT, Automatic & Worldtime from Aeromatic Watches of Frankfurt

Five bold new styles from one of our most popular brands at Watchismo. The Cannon collection has exploded onto the scene and quickly blasting (puns sadly intended) their way to our top seller list.

See Our New Aeromatic Cannon Watches Here

aAeromaticA1300Aeromatic Cannon GMT Worldtime Watch
aAeromaticA1286Aeromatic 1286M Cannon GMT Worldtime Luminous Dial Watch
Aeromatic Cannon Worldtour 24 Hour Automatic Watch
Aeromatic GMT Worldtime Watch

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Magic 8 Ball Watch - Projects Fortell Watch will answer all your questions...


My Sources Say Yes...

Projects 'Foretell' Magic 8 Ball Watch

Life’s an endless string of questions.

Is he or she the 'One'? Will I win the Nobel prize? Should I have pizza for dinner?

The Projects Foretell Watch answers your questions once and for all with a new answer every five seconds.

It’s simple: 1) Ask a question. 2) Look at Foretell. 3) Read the sage advice. 4) Take a nap knowing that you’ve made the right decision.

Black Leather Projects Foretell Watch
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A $1000 G-Shock? See the extremely limited high end MT-G watch collection


Extremely Limited Edition Steel MT-G

You may have grown up wearing G-Shock but now G-Shock has grown up itself! Introducing the first ever haute horlogerie MT-G (Metal Twisted) G-Shock watch collection.
Get them while they last (and they won't) at Watchismo.

Stainless Steel G-Shock MTGS1000D-1A
Black Steel G-Shock MTGS1000BD-1
Black Gold G-Shock MTGS1030BD-1

mtgssG-Shock MTGS-1000D-1ACR Limited Edition Metal -Silver

G-Shock MT-G Stainless Steel

This watch is new addition to the MT-G lineup that combines metal and resin into attractive, high-function timepieces. This model feature a new Core Guard Structure that provides outstanding shock resistance. The metal bezel on the front of the watch and metal back cover create a frame that houses inner workings to reduce the chance of impact force reaching the watch's module. In addition, α gel is used at points of contact on the bezel and back cover to further absorb impact. All of this is in addition to G-SHOCK's renowned Triple G Resist structure. The case and band surfaces are done to a hairline finish, while the beveled surfaces of parts are sallaz polished to a shiny finish. The large resin dial ring combines CASIO original cutting technology and new evaporation technology, which enable both light weight and outstanding shock resistant. The band of the watch is fitted with highly durable fine resin panels that deliver a great fit to the wrist along with light weight.
mtg-bG-Shock MTGS-1000BD-1ACR Limited Edition Metal -Black

G-Shock MT-G All Black

Core Guard Structure
Four stainless-steel pipes form a metal frame that joins the bezel securely with the case back. A resin case is mounted inside the frame to protect the module from direct shocks. This Core Guard Structure with its metal frame mirrors the basic G-SHOCK concept of a “hollow structure” in which the module is floated in the air with support at just a few points.

Layered composite band
Metal band parts are combined with lightweight but highly durable fine resin parts to achieve a solid feel and reduce weight simultaneously.
mtg-bgG-Shock MTGS-1030BD-1ACR Ultra Limited Edition Metal -Black/Gold

G-Shock MT-G Black/Gold

Four-layer dial structure
The 3D dial, comprising four layers and conveying an impression of depth, is mounted with oversized hour markers with prominently protruding edges. Despite the use of resin material to absorb shocks, G-SHOCK's unique cutting and evaporation technologies have helped to produce a robust, radiantly beautiful form.

Sallaz polishing
The bezel, bevelled case sections are processed with Sallaz polishing, a superlative metal-polishing technique, to create beautiful mirror surfaces.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Limited Edition Mr. Jones OSSIFY Memento Mori Watches


Mr. Jones Ossify Watches

Limited Edition

Only 25 Available

Individually Numbered

Ossify is a playful memento mori - on the watch face a group of bones form a kaleidoscope of colorful patterns, constantly shifting as the hands move. Inspired by the curious, playful use of bones in the decoration of European Ossuaries such as at Sedlec in the Czech Republic.

This watch is released in an edition of 100 pieces, with each watch numbered on the back of the case and signed by Mr Jones on the insert card. The watch comes in an MJW presentation box which features a specially commissioned artwork by Fanny Shorter.
tumblr muuk7ow3M71rtqnt9o4 r1 1280The Sedlec Ossuary Cathedral in the Czech Republic