Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New CT Scuderia Bullhead Chronographs from Italy


More CT Scuderia 

Introducing the latest additions

Not many brands just take off and hit the 'sweet spot' with all sorts of watch collectors -- but that's just what happened when we tested out the new brand CT Scuderia less than a year ago. Due to the overwhelming reception by our customers, we've quickly expanded our collection with the following latest additions. These are entirely unique 'Bullhead' style watches unlike anything we've seen before...and we've seen a LOT!

Designed by Enrico Margaritelli, the CT Scuderia brings to life, the visions and ideas developed on the dashboard of this visionary Italian designer. From the fine lines and curves to the intricate detail and craftsmanship, Enrico shares his family legacy with the world one watch face at a time.

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CTScuderia CS10212full
CT Scuderia Dashboard Automatic -Black/Silver
Continuing the racing heritage inherent to the whole line, CT Scuderia introduces the all new Dashboard Collection taking inspiration from legendary racing cars and motorbikes.
The dials are replicas of the most famous speedometers used in vintage motorbikes and automobiles around the world. The Dashboard Collection features a uniquely placed crown at the 6 o’ clock position, the place where vintage dashboards originally had their kilometer re-set button.
CTScuderia CS10114full
CT Scuderia Dirt Track -Black/Silver
Taking inspiration from the race course itself, the dial details of the Dirt Track Collection are oval which resemble the oval dirt track that is the ultimate test of man and machine. Introducing for the first time, silicon-constructed straps with 3 holes for breathability, the watches allow for the best performance possible.
CTScuderia CS10214full
CTScuderia CS10210full
CTScuderia CS10125full
CT Scuderia Saturno Bullhead Chrono Italia
Dedicated to the Gilera Saturno which was made in Italy from 1946 to 1958. Only 6,026 were made, but they have left a lasting mark in motorcycle history. In style & construction, CT Scuderia's Italian blood runs deep. The Saturno shows its Italian pride with red, white and green accents on the pushers, crown and hands. The rose gold case with black lugs really makes this watch stand out.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New G-Shock Smart Watches, Atomic Timepieces and other shockingly cool wrist gadgets...

Cool New G-Shock This Week at Watchismo

The ultimate tough watch - born from a developer's dream of "creating a watch that never breaks." Guided by a "Triple 10" development concept, the design teams sought a watch with 10-meter free-fall endurance, 10-bar water resistance (or more!) and a 10-year battery life.
Gshock GBX6900B 2main

G-Shock Bluetooth v4.0 Smart Watch - Blue

The G-Shock GB-6900B model comes equipped with Bluetooth® low energy technology (Bluetooth® v4.0) that lets them exchange information with a smartphone. Compared with previous models of similar capabilities, these new models are able to establish connections with a phone more quickly, for greater user convenience.
GShock GBX6900B 4full

G-Shock Bluetooth v4.0 Smart Watch Fire Red

Basic Mobile Link functions include Incoming Call and Email Alert, Phone Finder, Link Loss Alert, Time Adjustment, Calendar event notification, Reminder Alert. This new model enables two-way operability between a paired smartphone and the watch. Users can now control a smartphone from the watch, and also can control the watch from a smartphone.

G-Shock Bluetooth v4.0 Smart Watch Black

Music control: Use the watch's buttons to control the playback and pause operations, and the volume level of your phone's music player.
Watch Settings: Simple phone operations can be used to configure World Time, Alarm, Timer, and other watch settings.
Gshock GWA1100 1A3full

G-Shock G-Aviation Solar Atomic Watch - Limited Edition

Introducing a new Gravity Defier variation featuring Triple G Resist construction that stands up to the forces of impact, vibration, and G forces, along with Smart Access capabilities that simplify operation. Also the first model to include a digital compass, thanks to the development of a direction sensor that is an amazing 95% smaller than its predecessors. The hand that indicates direction is made of carbon fiber, a first for a G-SHOCK watch.

G-Shock Rangeman Triple Sensor Army Watch

The Rangeman GW-9400 watches are the latest additions to the “Master of G” series and provide functions, construction and operability designed to support the wearer, even in survival situations. The new watches incorporate triple sensors to measure compass bearing, altitude/atmospheric pressure, and temperature—a first for a G-SHOCK watch. Users can check compass bearing information in situations with limited visibility for orienting, or use barometric information to forecast sudden changes in weather, making these G-SHOCK watches reliable partners in situations where there is little room for error.
Gshock GDX6900FB 8full

G-Shock 6900 XL Limited Edition - Clear/Gold

This model is new bigger and better version of the G-Shock best-selling 6900 series. An impressive list of features includes 10-year battery life, high-intensity LED illumination, α gel shock-resistant construction, and much more.
Gshock GDX6900FB 8Bfull

G-Shock G-LIDE XL Extreme Temp - Citrus

New additions to the G-LIDE Series lineup of watches that are the timepieces of choice for top extreme sports athletes the world over.

The main feature of these models is low temperature resistance (−20˚C/−4˚F), which make them the perfect choice for snowboarders, back country skiers, and others who seek their adventure in extreme cold.

G-Shock Military Vibration Alert - Black/Gold

This new G-SHOCK is designed and engineered for those special dark, secret missions that demand something extra. The timer function is has a large, specially designed easily identifiable dedicated button for quick and sure operation under the toughest of conditions. When the timer reaches the end of its countdown, you can select to be alerted by either a vibration operation or a tone plus LED flash operation. The special shock absorber design of the back of the watch helps to ensure that vibration is felt by the wrist.

A high luminance LED can be configured to light for one, three, or five seconds, and an Auto Light feature cause the face to illuminate whenever the watch is tilted towards the face for reading.
Gshock GA1000 8Afull

G-Shock Gravity Defier Digital Compass -Gray

This new model is the first in the Gravity Defier lineup to be equipped with digital compass capabilities, creating a watch that is perfectly matched to the needs of the modern aviator, both in terms of function and appearance. Pressing the 9 o'clock button in any mode immediately goes to the Digital Compass Mode, and a button at 8 o'clock returns to the mode you were in before the Digital Compass Mode. Continual direction readings can be taken for 20 seconds, during which the second hand points to north, a literal direction indicator is displayed in the upper display, and a direction angle value is displayed in the lower display. Bearing Memory lets you temporarily store and display a direction reading so you can use it as a reference as you take subsequent digital compass readings. Other features include temperature measurement, large numerals, and thick hands for easy reading. A coating on the tip of the second hand and minute markers reacts with the black light illumination of the watch for easy reading in the dark.
GShock GW9400J 1full

G-Shock Rangeman Triple Sensor Black


The RANGEMAN GW-9400 watches are the latest additions to the “Master of G” series and provide functions, construction and operability designed to support the wearer, even in survival situations. The new watches incorporate triple sensors to measure compass bearing, altitude/atmospheric pressure, and temperature—a first for a G-SHOCK watch. Users can check compass bearing information in situations with limited visibility for orienting, or use barometric information to forecast sudden changes in weather, making these G-SHOCK watches reliable partners in situations where there is little room for error.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brand Spanking New Diesel Watches To Drool Over...

Diesel is spot-on with new colors and styles unveiled this week for the Double Down, Mr. Daddy, Viewfinder and new HAL double jump hour watches. See them all below...

Diesel Double Down 48 Black & Blue Chronograph

If Rolex and Diesel had a love child...

Diesel DZ4311 Double Down 48 Tan Chronograph

A perfect blend of colors and numbers

Diesel DZ7302 Hal Triple Time Ana-Digi

Brand new unusual collection in very limited supply

Diesel DZ7302 Hal Triple Time Ana-Digi

First ever dual time zone double disc display
Diesel DZ7291

Diesel Mr. Daddy Black/Rose Gold Chrono Jump Hour

High contrast in a stylish color combination
Diesel DZ7264

Diesel Mr. Daddy Silver/Brown Chrono Jump Hour

A Chronograph and Jump Hour in One Watch
Diesel DZ7299

Diesel DZ7299 Viewfinder Grey Orange Digital Watch

Deep grey and bold orange go head-to-head in this dynamic rendition of the ever-stylish Viewfinder.

Diesel DZ7301 Viewfinder Grey Blue Digital Watch

Complete with a negative display, delivers subtle style to the Viewfinder collection.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Cool New Watches from Mr. Jones, 01 The One, Triwa and Vestal


Cool New Watches This Week at Watchismo


Mr. Jones BPM "Beats per Minute" Limited Edition Watch

Extremely limited edition of only 100 ever made

“The nocturnal world of international DJing is all about keeping time: a top DJ should to be aware of the speed of each piece of music in his library. I thought it would be useful for DJ’s to have a simple graphic solution to calculating BPM’s built in to the watch itself."

"To calculate the bpm of a track: wait until the seconds hand aligns at 9, 12 and 3 on the watch (denoted by a full white circle) and start counting the quarter notes/beats as you’re listening to the music. It's much easier with House/Techno music as the bass drum usually falls on these quarter note beats.

You'll see the white circles gradually filling up with red and blue, stop counting when the white circle appears again. Multiply the count by four and you have the bpm.On the rear of the watch are some basic bpm ranges for a selection of current dance music genres".

01 the One Samui Moon SM102G2 All Steel Binary LED

Just $69 - 56% Off For A Limited Time!

No place is as pristine and untamed, simultaneously, as Koh Samui. This tropical paradise is filled with unearthly sights, waterfalls, and white sand beaches as well as a very fair share of wild and unending parties. The Samui Moon was made to capture the essence of this island. Even though this watch is seemingly simple at first-glance its l.e.d. binary time system takes every bystander by surprise. It is a mix of futuristic, simple, geek, and post-post modern design. Be different.

Triwa Lansen Chrono Rose Gold Watch

Brand new collection in very limited supply

A slender watch designed to sit skintight on your wrist, with a pared-down dial inspired by the restrained functionality of mid-century aviator watches. Lansen has a fixed lug construction which allows you to effortlessly change straps. Put on your best scarf or your favorite leather bracelet, the only limitation is your imagination.

Rose Lansen Chrono comes in a rose gold case with a dressier link bracelet. It's a slim contemporary chronograph, with signature round hour index and date function at 4h. The watch comes with radially brushed dials and subtle colorful detailing.

Triwa Lansen Chrono Stirling Watch

Stirling Lansen Chrono comes in a stainless steel case combined with a mesh strap.
1Vestal DIG029

Vestal Digichord in Tiffany Blue

This cool watch is a cool $44 bucks for a limited time!

The Digichord is Vestal’s thinnest and most lightweight watch. The 41mm wide polycarbonate case is only 5.5 millimeters at its thickest point. (see side view above!) That’s not much thicker than a couple compact discs (remember those?). The 24mm wide polyurethane strap with locking keeper holds the ultra-thin watch to your wrist. It’s so lightweight that if you didn’t get so many compliments while wearing it then you’d forget you had it on.