Thursday, August 28, 2014

AÃRK Watches Now In Stock - Inspired by an appreciation for simple shapes, geometric form and minimalist design.


A Simply Perfect New Watch Collection

We are so excited to introduce you to the AÃRK Collective.
AÃRK timepieces are inspired by an appreciation for simple shapes, geometric form and minimalist design.
It’s built into everything they do—from the way they communicate right through to our design ethos. Their approach to design is neither rushed nor forced; it is considered, nurtured and organic. An appreciation for simple geometric from, graphic elements and minimalist design inspires to create products that family, friends and like minds will enjoy.
AARK Classic Navy Ink
The art of minimalist design is the essence of the AÃRK Classic watch.
The Classic Premium range experiments with materials and finishings – leather, gold, silver and black – as a play on texture. Each of its three models has a brushed matte finish, a jet-black dial and accented gloss hands, all thoughtfully designed to achieve a graphic and not-too-flashy luxe result.
AARK Classic Amber
AARK Classic Sterling
AARK Classic Coal
AARK Classic Black Tie
AARK Classic Tortoise
AARK Classic Yolk
AARK Iconic Monochrome
A statement piece influenced by industrial and avionic instruments.
The Iconic is a statement. Influenced by industrial and avionic instruments, it is raw, tough and precise. With solid form and proportions, it’s a utilitarian piece built for durability and aesthetic beauty; its endurance and strength are paramount.
AARK Iconic Inox
AARK Iconic Graphite
AARK Timeless Karat
The Timeless, an homage to luxury; its subtle details appeal to a sophisticated design sensibility.
It looks and feels smart, with refined and sophisticated features that allude to the quality of craftsmanship. This unisex timepiece shouts elegance and class with perfect restraint.
AARK Timeless Chrome
AARK Timeless Onyx

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Bradley Watch from EONE Time - See The Wristwatch That Doesn't Require Eyes

Bradley Meshv20

Feel The Time

Ball Bearings Instead of Hands

Wouldn’t it be great if you could check the time in a dark movie theater without having to illuminate your smartphone? What about not having to look down at your watch to check the time during a drawn-out client lunch?
The Bradley Watch is a tactile timepiece that allows you to not only see what time it is, but to feel what time it is.
Instead of traditional watch hands, time is indicated by two ball bearings — one indicating minutes, and one indicating hours.
The minimalist face of The Bradley Classic features raised markers at each hour. To increase tactile legibility, there is a triangular marker for twelve, and elongated markers for three, six and nine. The track on the inside of the markers indicates the minutes, and the track running along the outer edge of the watch face indicates the hours.
These two ball bearings are connected, with magnets, to a watch movement beneath the watch face.The magnets make it so that even if the ball bearings are moved when touched, they spring back to the correct time with a gentle shake of your wrist.

Limited supply is available,

Order your Bradley Here

About The Bradley:
Is named after Bradley Snyder. an ex naval-officer, brad lost his eyesight in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2011.
Bradley competed in and won gold and silver medals in swimming at the 2012 Paralympics in London.
Along with many visually impaired users, Brad has supported and provided invaluable feedback through the development of this timepiece.
"I'm going to show people that i'm not going to let this beat me. I'm not going to let blindness build a brick wall around me. I am going to find a way forward." — Brad Snyder
For the visually impaired, The Bradley makes day-to-day life possible without drawing attention to their disability.
For sighted users, it offers a unique and discrete way of telling time— whether you’re in a business meeting, social luncheon, or dark theater.
About EONE Time:
They look for opportunities to create great products that can be used by a multitude of users regardless of age, gender, or ability. Usually this means thinking outside of the box.
EoneBradley 08.3

Monday, August 18, 2014

New Zodiac Sea Dragon Automatic Watches - Flawless Vintage Reissue


Limited Vintage Reissue

New Zodiac Sea Dragon Swiss Automatic

We love vintage! It's the root of Watchismo's existence. It's so rare to find a vintage reissue that isn't just 'inspired' by the past, but rather dedicated to replicating it. And we've seen some pretty convincing vintage reissues by other brands - but Zodiac hit the nail on the head with this new Sea Dragon Automatic collection. It's perfect and carries all the undefinable distinctions a vintage watch possesses - whether it's an unusual color combination, unique brushing of steel or a sculptural flair to the case that watchmakers just don't execute these days...
Summed up, this watch has it all and there are very few to go around...
Limited supply will be available,
Order your Zodiac Sea Dragon Automatic Here
Zodiac ZO9902front
Admired as one of the most legendary collections in the ZODIAC portfolio, the Sea Dragon represents the heroic spirit of the brand’s beginning. This fresh interpretation of the original features a classic retro case of proportion and simplicity, with colored dial options and a Swiss Made automatic movement. Available with either a genuine leather strap, Sea Dragon stands as the spirit of ZODIAC’s past and the ambassador for its future.
Zodiac ZO9902caseback
Zodiac ZO9905front
Limited edition - Individually numbered and only 75 pieces will be made!
Zodiac ZO9903front
Zodiac ZO9904hero
Zodiac ZO9900front
Zodiac ZO9901front
Zodiac ZO9904side
Zodiac ZO9901hero
Zodiac logo swissmade1882

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Projects Twirl Watch - Time in Italics + Zero Gravity = The Twirl -- Plus New Past Present Future Mesh Watch & Crossover in Brass


Projects New Twirl Timepiece

Time & Space - at an angle

The Twirl Watch - Form and function follow the principle of rotation. Twirl's hands have moved outward from the center of the dial and angled clockwise at 30°, creating a dynamic picture of time and reminding us in a pictographic way that time is a floating concept which is not easy to grasp and is continually affected by change and motion.
Twirl is designed by Johannes Lindner, a young designer from Germany. Lindner pursues the creation of products that combine extraordinary functionality, color and aesthetic beauty.

Limited supply will be available, 

Preorder your Projects Twirl HERE


Projects Crossover -Brass & Black

Modeled after the game of “pick up stix”, Crossover has thin hands that are slightly askew to the center giving this timepiece elegant stature. You will be staring at time all day but assuredly not wasting it.
Contemporary, yet elegant hands that appear to be precariously balanced rotate around the dial
Projects CrossoverBrassBlkfull

Projects Past Present Future Watch

The wildy popular Past Present Future is now available in larger 40mm case and stainless steel mesh strap!
"With the past, I have nothing to do nor with the future. I live now."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Projects PPFSS40full