Monday, August 31, 2015

New Fossil Mechanical Watches - Strap These Skeletons To Your Bones


A New Batch of Fossil Automatics

Pure Machines, All Mechanical & Very Affordable

You can't judge a book by its cover, right? But what if the book has no cover? Um, yeah, these are watches, not books, yadda yadda... Either way, this new collection of mechanical Townsmen and Modern Machines priced between $225 and $265 are sure to satisfy your desires for a well built affordable mechanical watch.
See All Fossil Watches at Watchismo or see these new arrivals below:
Fossil ME3083main
$225 - Fossil Modern Machine Automatic Skeleton Steel Brown Leather Watch ME3083
Daring and complex inside and out, our new motion-powered automatic Modern Machine makes an unforgettable impression. Nestled in an incredibly durable steel case, a see-through skeleton dial showcases the watch's precise mechanics.
Fossil ME3082main
$245 - Fossil Modern Machine Automatic Skeleton Rose Gold Steel Black Leather Watch ME3082
Fossil ME3081main
$245 - Fossil Modern Machine Automatic Skeleton Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch ME3081
Fossil ME3080main
$265 - Fossil Modern Machine Automatic Skeleton Black Steel Watch ME3080
Close up of dial
Close up of exhibition caseback
Fossil ME3085main
$225 - Fossil Townsman Automatic Stainless Steel Black Leather Watch ME3085
ME3085 3
Close up of exhibition caseback
A top-of-the-hour essential—the Townsman automatic takes its cues from vintage designs with up-to-the-minute innovation. A refined silver or rose gold-tone case houses a see-through skeleton dial and precise mechanics.
Fossil ME3084main
$245 - Fossil Townsman Automatic Rose Gold Black Leather Watch ME3084
Fossil ME3087main
$265 - Fossil Curiosity Hand-Wound Tri-Tone Stainless Steel Watch ME3087
Fossil ME3087back
Close up of exhibition caseback

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Meet Leatherface, the New Limited Edition Biker Collection from Diesel Watches


A Surprising New Limited Edition Collection

Diesel's "Leatherface" Mr. & Mini Daddy Biker Watches

Chainsaw not included. This very limited production is sure to sell out soon so if you're reading this now, you're the first to know!
Two very related yet very VERY different timepieces. From the simple rotating disc display of the Mini Daddy to the ultra-sized, triple time zone chronograph of the Mr. Daddy.
See all the new releases below or check out all Diesel watches at Watchismo.
Diesel DZ7354
$589 - Diesel Limited Edition Mr. Daddy Biker Multifunction Black Leather Watch - DZ7354 Black
This mega-oversized timepiece features a chronograph, digital display, three-hand, and two-hand movement allowing you to navigate multiple time zones without losing a second. The unique case features black stainless steel and black leather to coordinate with its black leather straps.
Case Size 57 X 66 mm
Case Thickness 14 mm
Band Width 28 mm
Diesel DZ7354cu
Close up of dial
Diesel DZ7353
$224 - Limited Edition "Biker" Mini Daddy Jump Hour aka: "Leatherface" 46mm
Diesel DZ7353side
Sideview of case

Other New Releases This Week

Diesel DZ7348
$349 - Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 Multifunction Leather Watch - Black DZ7348
Diesel DZ4365
$249 - Diesel Ironside Chronograph Leather Watch - Brown DZ4365
Diesel DZ4365side
Sideview of case

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Extremely Limited Edition Collab Watch by G-Shock + SUPRA


New Limited Edition G-Shock + SUPRA Collaboration

Introducing the next release of collaboration between G-SHOCK, which sets the standard for timepiece toughness, and the SUPRA brand, which boasts a following among celebrities and young people who prefer street casual skateboard designs. The result is a quality timepiece that captures the active, youthful spirit of both brands.
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Gshock GMDS6900SP7full
$169 - G-Shock + Supra Limited Edition White
The base model is the GD-X6900, which delivers the best in timepiece toughness. A basic black motif is offset by a SUPRA sneaker polka dot pattern that covers the case and band. All of the dots are of a similar color, creating a cool, monotone look. The face, band, and back case sport the SUPRA brand logo, and the polka dots on the package identify this a truly special model.
Gshock GDX6900SP1full
$169 - G-Shock + Supra Limited Edition Black
Gshock GPW1000T1Afull1
$1350 - G-Shock GravityMaster GPS Hybrid Black - LIMITED EDITION
Introducing the GRAVITYMASTER, GPW-1000T-1A Limited Edition
The World’s First GPS ATOMIC SOLAR HYBRID with CASIO-original GPS Hybrid radio-controlled technology built inside a TRIPLE G Shock Resistant structure. This unique technology combines Multi-band 6 capability to receive any one of six time calibration signals around the globe with a receiver that acquires position and time information from GPS satellites. When GPS information is acquired the watch determines your current time zone and judges whether or not your location requires the use of summer time, and updates watch settings accordingly. The combination of these two capabilities and underlying tough structure creates a hybrid timepiece designed and engineered to ensure that you are on time all the time, no matter where you happen to be. Absolute Toughness with Universal Accuracy.
$130 - G-Shock S Series Monochromatic GMAS-110CC-2A BLUE
Introducing the new S Series in blue, green and pink, created for the influential, fashion forward woman that seeks a sportswear-inspired toughness to add to her modern style, while valuing advanced technology and precision in a fashion accessory piece. The GMAS110 is equipped with an Auto LED light, Magnetic Resistance, 4 daily alarms, 1/100th stopwatch and a Speed Indicator.
$130 - G-Shock S Series Monochromatic GREEN GMAS-110CC-3A
$119 - G-Shock S Series Monochromatic GMAS-110CC-4A PINK

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Triwa Falken Has Landed - New Timepieces From Sweden


Triwa Falken Collection

Fresh off the plane from Sweden, these cool new timepieces from Triwa are now available at Watchismo.
Falken is a sleek and streamlined watch inspired by the Swedish bird of prey bearing the same name. Falken is identifiable by the Falkeye (mini-dial), highlighted between the hands and the 6th index.
TRIWA (pronounced TreeVah) is an acronym for transforming the industry of watches. Triwa's goal is to promote the ethos of attitude and individuality in the traditional world of watches and accessories. They are deadly serious about being playful and unpretentious and don’t mind being provocative in a creative, uplifting way. Each piece that leaves Stockholm is created with the commitment to bring you products that reflects individual style and personality.
See All Triwa Watches Here or see the newest arrivals below.
Triwa walterfalkenblackfull
$198 - Triwa Walter Falken Gunmetal/Gold Classic
Triwa ivoryfalkenbrownfull
$198 - Triwa Walter Falken Ivory/Brown Classic
Triwa ivoryfalkenblackfull
$198 - Triwa Walter Falken Ivory/Black Classic
Triwa walterfalkenbrownfull
$198 - Triwa Walter Falken Gunmetal/Brown Classic
Triwa rosefalkenbrownfull
$198 - Triwa Rose Falken Rose Gold/Brown Classic
triwa ashnevilfull
$298 - Triwa Ash Nevil Chrono Gunmetal/Brown Sewn Classic

New Triwa 'Ash' Nevil Chronograph

The Nevil was Triwa's way of adding a little more sophistication to a chronographs without losing out on the functionality. And a quite fine job they did too, if you don’t mind us saying so? It also marked the start of our love affair with the first-class Swedish tannery Tärnsjö, a collaboration that’s still going strong. The Nevil is a real cornerstone of the TRIWA experience.
This unisex watch features a silver sunray dial with petroleum colored chronograph sub dials, a bright orange second hand, silver hour index markers and an inner ring displaying minutes. The watch is set within a stainless steel case/case back and mineral glass. The chronograph detailing compliments the fixed petroleum tone metal bezel, crown & push buttons and TRIWA logo proudly set at 12 o'clock.
Designed in Sweden, the watch has quartz Miyota OS 21 movement. The watch is secured by an organic brown leather strap with pin & buckle.