Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Supercool New Minus-8 Chrono Collection


Strap This On Your Loved Ones

New Minus-8 Square Chrono & Zone 2 Collections

MINUS-8 timepieces are the product of a futurist, architectural mindset and years perfecting a construction method that radically defies convention. Obsessive attention to a brutalist aesthetic, established Japanese movements, space-age details and best-in-class materials define a collection that represents a new standard within the category.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dietrich Watches Organic Time Companions - New Mechanical Watch Collection Now Available at Watchismo


Organic Time Companions

New Dietrich Collection at Watchimso

Ok, now this is what we're talkin' about! These are more than just watches, these are so-called 'Time Companions'. There is no mistaking this new form, it's a work of art that just so happens to tell the time, mechanically. It's kinetic. It's organic. And man, it's sexy.
Created by designer and artist, Emmanuel Dietrich, Dietrich Watches are the expression of his passion for organic forms. Crafting objects that communicate his values of pleasure, sensuality, and touch, Emmanuel uses his artistic refinement to translate these values into Dietrich Watches.
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Winners of our Xeric Instagram Photo Contest!

halograph-its jess life
HALOGRAPH Wrist Shot Winner: @ITS_JESS_LIFE (Instagram)
XERISCOPE Still Life Winner: @BENJICHOWCHOW (Instagram)
We've selected the two winners of the Xeric Watch Instagram photo contest. Each month, we are selecting a winner of two categories (Best Wristshot and Best Still Life) for shots tagged on Instagram with hashtags #xericwatches, #halograph #xeriscope or @watchismo. The winner of each will receive a free Halograph or Xeriscope strap shipped free worldwide. Please enter as many times as you want with new compositions restricted only by your imagination. Next round of winners will be selected around the same time in December, can't wait to see what's next!
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Total Eclipse of the Watch - New Watches Just In From AÃRK Collective


Just In From AÃRK Collective

The art of minimalist design is the backbone of AARK timepieces.
The Eclipse explores AÃRK’s relationship with time. Day and night are referenced in the dual-finish casing—half brushed and half gloss—while the simple, contrasting dial evokes the moon's movement in relation to the earth and the sun. Beautiful and functional, the understated design features a thin case profile and reserves playfulness for the detail: a customized gold keeper and gold mirror disc on the hour hand. Driven by a reliable Japanese Quartz movement, the Eclipse is protected by scratch-resistant mineral glass and finished with an Italian calfskin leather band.
See all the newest additions or see each of the new releases below.
AARK Eclipse Silver
AÃRK timepieces are inspired by an appreciation for simple shapes, geometric form and minimalist design.
It’s built into everything they do—from the way they communicate right through to our design ethos. Their approach to design is neither rushed nor forced; it is considered, nurtured and organic. An appreciation for simple geometric from, graphic elements and minimalist design inspires to create products that family, friends and like minds will enjoy.
AARK Eclipse Rose Gold
Aark Classic Tortoise Black
A new addition to the Classic collection due to popular demand for the original Tortoise with white dial, AÃRK has introduced this version with black dial.
It’s easy, refined and plays around with color to offer each wearer a character that best represents them. Perfectly balanced in design and function, this watch is a true representation of AÃRK.
The Classic’s outer shell is made from the most durable PU plastic, while an internal stainless steel case protects the precise Japanese Quartz movement from water damage and the shock of hard knocks. On top of custom-moulded parts that are exclusive to AÃRK, its unique look comes courtesy of an independent second hand, while matte satin finishing on both the case and the band makes the Classic soft to the touch and really comfortable to wear. The only complicated thing about this unisex watch? Deciding which of the six colors will suit your taste, mood or outfit.
See the entire collection at Watchismo
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The XERIC HALOGRAPH - The most crowdfunded mechanical watch in history! Photo credit: @its_jess_life (Instagram)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Meet The Machinus and New Additions to the New Diesel Mechanical Watch Collection


Diesel Quad Zone Machinus Watches

Plus New Additions To Mechanical Collection

A radical new series of watches from Diesel and they're even more unusual than expected from the eccentric Italian watch design team. A four movement timepiece with sculptural case shape in four colors.
And a few new mechanical additions to the recently launched limited edition automatic, a first from Diesel. Now you can get a exposed mechanical Diesel Chief and skeletonized Mr. Daddy Jump Hour.
See all the newest additions here or see each of the new releases below which also include brand new additions to the BAMF Chronograph collection!
Diesel DZ7359 main  36134.1446593189.1280.1280
Diesel Machinus Gunmetal/Brown Multi-Time DZ7359
Diesel DZ7358 main  35638.1446593199.1280.1280
Diesel Machinus Black Steel/Denim Multi-Time DZ7358
Diesel DZ7360 main  68504.1446593273.1280.1280
Diesel Machinus Steel/Gun/Brown Multi-Time DZ7360
Diesel DZ7362 main  93996.1446593288.1280.1280
Diesel Machinus Black Steel/Holographic Multi-Time DZ7362
Diesel DZ4379 main  36632.1446588317.1280.1280
Diesel Chief Automatic Gunmetal DZ4379
Diesel DZ4379 back  22653.1446588316.1280.1280
Exhibition Caseback of Chief Automatic
Diesel DZ7364 back  43880.1446593051.1280.1280
Exhibition Caseback of Mr. Daddy Jump Hour Automatic
Diesel DZ7364 main  85575.1446593051.1280.1280
Diesel Automatic Mr. Daddy Jump Hour DZ7364
Diesel DZ7356 main  90556.1446593264.1280.1280
Diesel BAMF Gunmetal Chronograph DZ7356
Diesel DZ7357 main  64368.1446593283.1280.1280
Diesel BAMF Steel/Brown Chronograph DZ7357
Diesel DZ7321 main  91206.1446620501.1280.1280
Diesel Mini Daddy Steel/Blue DZ7321
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The XERIC HALOGRAPH - The most crowdfunded mechanical watch in history!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Diesel Goes Mechanical! The First Ever Limited Edition Double Automatic Diesel Watch


Diesel's Long Awaited Mechanical

Individually Numbered Limited Edition

We've been wanting to see this for a long time - and now it's here with the first ever Diesel Dual Automatic watch. Two mechanical movements with full exhibition casedbacks and skeletonized dials showing two timezones in classic Diesel fashion.
Get one now before they're gone - Diesel's Limited Editions sell out very fast!
Diesel DZ7365 main
Diesel Dual Automatic Limited Edition DZ7365
Diesel DZ7365 back