Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Brand ::: BULBUL Ore, Pebble & Facette Watch Collections


Time In A Bulbul

It's amazing just how many cool products and designs come out of Denmark. Danish design is just as, if not more relevant today as its mid-century modern beginnings. Never as true with the functionalistic designs of Bulbul watches, now available at Watchismo.
Bulbul can be summed up as an extension of the company’s passions and interests; the forward-thinking aesthetic and playful, Persian name reflects its founder’s inherent love of having the freedom to follow one’s intuition, his restless fascination with traveling and his fondness for interacting with a diverse spectrum of cultural impulses and philosophies. Likewise, the understated design philosophy grows out of Danish design trio KiBiSi’s ambitious, creative quest to actualize products that last for generations.
kibisi 1024x1024
The Designers of the Pebble and Facette are designed by Danish creative collective, KiBiSi.

Monday, March 28, 2016

New Minus-8 Leather Automatic Layer 24 Collection

Now, this is what we're talkin' about! The Minus 8 Layer 24 Automatic -- one of the coolest new designs here at Watchismo -- at long last, available with gorgeous leather straps!
To celebrate this introduction, save $50 on any Minus 8 Layer 24 Automatic, just apply code MINUS50 at checkout. This is only valid for a few days so don't miss out.
This process took Minus 8 over a year to develop. The result is a stadium effect of 6 layers of multi-colored 316L bonded steel flowing from the exterior to the interior of the watch face uninterrupted in one unified composition.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New Nixon Green Crystal & Brass, Vintage Leather & Ranger Chrono Sport Collections

Unmistakable new additions to the Nixon Sentry, Time Teller, C39 & 51-30 Chronograph collections. A subtle green tinted crystal set into brass cases and fit with vintage style brown leather straps combine to create some of the most stylish Nixon timepieces ever.
Nixon Sentry A105 2223 main  60921.1458176499.1280.1280
SENTRY LEATHER - RAISING THE BAR. Nixing the status quo of what you may expect when it comes to classically good-looking timepieces, the Sentry leather has entered the room and raised the bar.
Nixon Timeteller A045 2223 view1  99354.1458176880.1280.1280
TIME TELLER LEATHER - SIMPLIFY Clean lines cut through cloudy philosophy, while its simple, high concept design keeps things precise.
Nixon 5130ChronoLeather A124 2223 main  86306.1458171769.1280.1280
Superior functionality Good looks, brains and brawn combined The 51-30 Chrono rates second-to-none.
Nixon C39Leather A459 2223 main  95062.1458173865.1280.1280
From start to finish. Our ride-along partner as you go where you haven’t and finish what you start.
Nixon RangerSportChrono A958 1258 main  36234.1458176028.1280.1280
Nixon Ranger Chrono Sport - Go Anywhere! Elevated for even more adrenaline, the Ranger Chrono Sport adds a rotating countdown bezel and custom super-durable polyurethane strap with patented locking looper.
Nixon RangerSportChrono A958 000 main  15946.1458175636.1280.1280

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cool New Hygge Watch Collection - Scandinavian Design Meets Japanese Quality



The Hygge 2203 series is the 3-hand version of the 2204 chronograph series, loyal to Major Tse's minimalism design and "Made in Japan" quality.
The Hygge 2203 series consists of five models: 44mm case with a Japanese quartz movement and calendar function, set with a diamond cut pattern bezel, double-layer dial and two versions of band in leather and Stainless Steel.
DESIGNER: Major W.M. Tse
Major Tse has devoted all his talents to give a unique minimalism Scandinavian design to the HYGGE watches.
"Everything on earth should not exist nor appear more than it needs to be. Therefore, I would like to make my creations barely minimum, minimal and generally quiet there for being appreciated."

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New SISU Watches - Valor Collection - See Here First!


New SISU Limited Edition Valor Collection

Behold the Bravado Cage, Carburator & Guardian Eclipse

We've all been eagerly awaiting this second coming of SISU and proud to introduce them to you before anyone else! They're back with an entirely Swiss Made 'Valor' Collection, all powered by Swiss ETA movements in both affordable quartz and classic mechanical automatics.
SISU is a powerful Finnish philosophy - translated into English as strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. The meaning is equivalent in English to "having guts", and the word derives from “sisus”, which means something inner or interior. These timepieces are wrist sculptures of bold and clean design. The SISU signature look and unique detailing set them apart from the competition and convey the strength and boldness that the SISU name signifies.
A SISU compared to a Rolex


In the commitment to create bold and masculine timepieces, SISU chose to size their creations accordingly. This choice brought with it inherent design challenges as a result of the sheer heft of the SISU watch. Their objective was that of industrial elegance ... to produce a large, substantial timepiece yet retain a certain elegance and anatomically pleasing aesthetic. This meant that we had to focus on symmetry and balance. They did not stop with mere case design ... they extended our design language and attention all of the way around the wrist. In addition to creating a large and proportionate watch, they had to consider the anatomical challenge of fit. A watch this large had to have a pleasing fit. They have accomplished this as the metal bracelets are not only aggressively elegant and wide but they fit very nicely on almost any size wrist. The rubber bracelets are every bit as pleasing as the metal versions in addition to being substantially lighter in weight.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

New CT Scuderia Coda Corta & Fibra Di Carbonio Chronograph Watches


New Swiss Made CT Scuderia Watches

Two new chronograph collections that unmistakably capture the speed & fury of this impressive Italian brand.
The perfect blend of classic, short, slim, fast … a single seat motorcycles style with contemporary power creates a modern ride with undeniable old-iron attitude.
Engineered with carbon fiber to maximize on its properties of high strength and low weight, CT Scuderia has reduced the weight of the watch body without compromising strength.
See The Entire Collection of CT Scuderia Watches at Watchismo