New Nixon Genesis Watches Single-Handedly Stand Our From All Collections


Does Time Have A Genesis? It Does Now.

A modern adaptation of classic design, the NIXON GENESIS sports a cleaned-up roughness with an eye for details, like chamfered edges and a flat crystal. Designed for casual time telling, the single hand design keeps things unique.

New Storm Oblex Metrox Oberon Dynamix MK4 Circuit & V2 Navigator Watch Collections


New Storm Oblex, Metrox, Oberon, Dynamix, Mk4 Circuit & V2 Navigator Watches

Ideal movie props for a Sci Fi film or a watch collection suitable for any stylish Schizoid. These new Storm watches come in a W I D E variety of styles, displays and aesthetics. Whether it's partially visible discs, digital LED, minimal classics, linear displays or multifunctional monsters, Storm has something for everyone.

Graduation Gift Guide - Top Ten Watches For The Recent Grad


Graduation Gift Guide

Up To An Additional 20% Off

For a very limited time, save up to 20% off most watches at Watchismo -- this discount also applies to watches already on sale!
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Below are ten of our coolest watches at Watchismo where you can save hundreds of dollars during this limited time offer.
CT Scuderia Bullhead Chronograph
Zodiac Sea Dragon
SISU Bravado Automatic
QLOCKTWO Time In Words
EONE Time - The Bradley
Minus-8 Layer
Nixon 51-30 Chronograph

Many New Diesel Watches Just Added - The Rig, Heavyweight, Machinus and BAMF


Eight New Diesel Time Machines

Spankin New RIG, Heavyweight, Machinus and BAMF

Fresh out of the factory with that new watch smell everyone loves. It's like the sands of the hourglass are made of sweet powdered sugar... C'mon, take the time to taste these timely time-telling thingamajigs.

Built In Detroit, Shinola Watches Now Available at Watchismo


Shinola + Watchismo = Watch Nirvana

Listen, we are ecstatic to have a premier American brand like Shinola at Watchismo but the truth is we're actually over the moon about it. The quality. The style. The LEATHER! It's all just too much really... we can't take it... we might pass out from the overwhelming joy....aaaahhggh... thud.
The question isn't why they built a watch factory in Detroit, it's why they don't want to see American jobs go anywhere else. Through four Detroit winters, Shinola's been working to bring manufacturing jobs back to Detroit and back to the US. They build goods to last, but of all the things they make, American jobs might just be the thing they're most proud of.
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New Vestal Watch Collections - The Sophisticate Ultra Thin, Roosevelt Chrono, Rose & Retrofocus

The Roosevelt Chrono is a signature Vestal timepiece with its clean slim line case and straightforward dial. The premium 6-hand Japanese analog movement with date rests inside a multi-layered 42mm 316L solid stainless steel case. Laser-cut indexes then reveal a multi-layer dial that creates a unique design contrast for illuminating the hour markings. The 20mm wide premium Italian Leather Strap is integrated into the case with no lugs allowing the watch to hug your wrist and completing a clean and precise overall look and feel.
Inspired by vintage camera & lens designs, The Retrofocus by Vestal is most certainly one of a kind. The Retrofocus first reveals its design inspiration through a very unique way of using camera ISO levels to indicate hours. A domed, hardened mineral lens is then coated with anti-reflective material and mounted onto a 3-piece case that is knurled in design. The Retrofocus is finished with a thick Italian Leather Strap secured by solid German stitching, a stainless steel buckle and two keepers (one fixed, stainless steel keeper together with a secondary, oversized Italian Leather keeper.)
The Sophisticate by Vestal is a formal expression of sophistication, inspired by Sophisticates of yesteryear. The Sophisticate first draws your attention to its simplicity by showcasing 3-hands in a clean, balanced design. Time is then powered by a more complex Swiss Jewel Movement that is enclosed in an ultra-thin, 42mm 316L stainless steel case. The Sophisticate is finished with an Italian Leather Strap, pointed at one end for signature styling then secured with German stitching and a custom center bar buckle. Sophisticated Perfection.
The Rose by Vestal is a feminine expression of sophistication. The vintage inspired timepiece is minimalist in design yet its many unique design elements create a complex, sexy and sophisticated look. Roman numerals etched into the bezel outline a dial that boasts sixty Swarovski Stones while a 24-hour dial at the 12 o’clock position details the sun, moon and stars. A premium Miyota JS15 movement is top loaded into a 38mm 316L solid stainless steel case and then paired with a tapered 18mm stainless steel bracelet. The Rose is finished with a square cut Swarovski Stone placed prominently at the top of the bezel and large ruby red Swarovski Stone imbedded in a vintage designed crown.