Friday, May 9, 2008

1970s Influence on Modern Horology (Featuring Watchismo!) Internatonal Herald Tribune

Fellow Brooklynite and famed watch writer and editor of Couture International Jeweler magazine Victoria Gomelsky visited Watchismo headquarters allowing me to show her some of my favorite (and obscure) 1970s watches. All for this big feature in the International Herald Tribune showcasing the influence of that special decade on some of the coolest timepieces in recent years.

A real thrill to have some of my oddball watches featured next to a Horological Machine and Patek Philippe Nautilus. Even more exciting to see the article close with a quote from me! Click the photos to read the article in its entirety or visit the Int'l Herald Tribune-->Here.

The end of the article (where I'm describing the wild variations of Swiss mechanical digital watches trying to survive during the quartz revolution of the 70s);

"Which is why when the Swiss tried some outlandish things in the mechanical arena, they, too, were failures - some of the best examples of which can be found on, founded in 1998 by Mitch Greenblatt, a New Yorker. Not only does the site sell far-out designer timepieces from the cult French brand Lip, it also has watches, like the Amida Digitrend LRD (Light Reflecting Display) and the Jaz Derby Swissonic, whose retro looks epitomize the decade's eccentric vision.

"They tried to keep up with affordable watches that satisfied the new trend for digital timekeeping," Greenblatt said. "It was an act of desperation that culminated in something really cool."

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