Wednesday, October 8, 2008

1940 Puja Thermo-Pneumatic Clock

Simple looking clock, right?

Now look inside and see the thermo-pneumatic tube movement!

"At the lower left, shielded by a translucent housing, is a carbon rod resistance that heats the colored alcohol in the glass vessel just above it. This causes some of the alcohol to vaporize, the pressure pushing the liquid up the connecting pipe to the vessel at top right. As the latter gets heavier the wheel bearing the four vessels experiences a torque that rewinds a remontoire spring driving a conventional gear train and escapement. This clock has a pendulum-controlled escapement, but models with balance wheel escapements also existed."

The firm of Jauch and Schmid was registered in 1930.

The back of a Puja clock from German firm of Jauch and Schmid.

Original advertisement for a 1940 Puja Clock


And thanks to Greg Blonder of Genuine Ideas and his similarly conceived thermoscopic solar motor inventions-->LINK

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