Monday, August 24, 2009

Sarpaneva Watches receives prestigious Red Dot Award for the Korona K3 Black Moon

Sarpaneva Watches receives prestigious Red Dot Design Award!

Sarpaneva Watches received the 2009 “red dot” award for the communication design created around the limited edition Sarpaneva Korona K3 Black Moon wristwatch. With more than 6000 submissions from 42 countries, the entries were evaluated by a panel of international experts on criteria of originality, effectiveness, emotional quality and design quality.

Sarpaneva Korona K3 Black Moon is the first mechanical wristwatch to indicate the invisible and ever mysterious new moon, and the award-winning concept was created to communicate this unique function. Inspired by the endless melancholy of the dark Finnish winter, the Black Moon concept is in complete contrast to the glamorous communication of other luxury brands.

Limited to 20 pieces, each watch is accompanied by a hand-bound book “Black is the Moon” which recounts a thousand year old legend of Lilith: the seductive temptress, who preys on unwitting men during the new moon. Extending throughout all communication, the concept is captured in the catchphrase “Watch your black”. First unveiled in January 2009, the Black Moon continues to attract watch enthusiasts and exhibitors worldwide.

Presented by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany, the red dot design is one of the largest and most distinguished design competitions in the world. It is divided into the red dot award: product design”, the “red dot award: communication design”, and the “red dot award: design concept”. The award-winning work will be presented on 10 December 2009 in the winners’ exhibition at the Essen red dot design museum and online at

All Sarpaneva watches are designed and handcrafted by Stepan Sarpaneva himself. Born in 1970 to a Finnish family with a long heritage of craftsmanship, Stepan Sarpaneva's ambition is to create unique design, fusing timeless elegance with Scandinavian simplicity. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Sarpaneva Watches manufactures mechanical timepieces of outstanding quality, created in the spirit of the traditional watchmaker's art.

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