Friday, September 18, 2009

Watch Your Black - Sarpaneva Watches Introduces Moonphase iPhone Application

Sarpaneva Black Moon iPhone Application

Extending the award-winning communication design concept, Sarpaneva Watches announces the Sarpaneva Black Moon application for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch mobile devices, available now for free download at iTunes App Store.

Sarpaneva Korona K3 Black Moon is the first mechanical wristwatch to indicate the invisible and ever mysterious new moon. A moon phase during which Lilith, the seductive temptress of an ancient legend, preys on unwitting men. Now, the same function has been replicated on a mobile device to keep the holder vigilant of this hidden phenomenon.

Stepan Sarpaneva: "I am pleased how the Black Moon concept has attracted people the world over." Now Sarpaneva enthusiasts and watch owners can enjoy it on their mobile devices as well. Rather than content ourselves with just replicating the watch design, we decided to implement the wristwatch's unique moon phase functionality in a mobile application. We can now view the moon in much greater size and detail.

It is a friendly reminder of when Lilith is on the loose – and a handy tool to adjust your watch with.

Implemented by the Helsinki-based software development studio MK&C, the application also includes an option to subscribe the Sarpaneva Black Moon calendar for iCal, which informs about the days of the new moon.

Sarpaneva Watches

All Sarpaneva watches are designed and handcrafted by Stepan Sarpaneva himself. Born in 1970 to a Finnish family with a long heritage of craftsmanship, Stepan Sarpaneva's ambition is to create unique design, fusing timeless elegance with Scandinavian simplicity. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Sarpaneva Watches manufactures mechanical timepieces of outstanding quality, created in the spirit of the traditional watchmaker's art.

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The Korona K3 Black Moon Wristwatch

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