Friday, October 9, 2009

Vintage LIP Watches - Rare Private Collection Available After Decades in Storage!

A very rare private collection of vintage LIP watches are now available. Ranging from gunmetal and sterling silver pocket watches of the early 1900s to the iconic French designer series of the early seventies. Original Mach 2000 chronographs from Roger Tallon, very rare Prince Francois de Baschmakoff Jump Hours and some nearly singular examples from a rich history in time!

Above, a Sixties sterling silver LIP wristwatch with actual wood inlaid bracelet and wood dial. Never seen another like it, ever!

Rudi Meyer's very unusual 70s "Galaxie"

Unusual Mystery Dial "Ecrusson"
1970s Roger Tallon Design

Uncommon Automatic Mach 2000

Early 70s Mach 2000 Moon by Roger Tallon

Rare prototype LIP Moonphase Mach 2000
(never went into production)

1975 LIP Mach 2000 LED
(light emitting diode)

1974 Tallon LIP Electrique

Modern Design Sixites Ladies LIP

1960s Sunken Hours Manual Mechanical LIP

1970's "Les Candides" by Michel Boyer
(beat Swatch by 10 years!)

Seventies Lip "Instrument" by Rudi Meyer

"Hermes" Style 60s Lip Mechanical

The Classic Lip Mach 2000 "Aeronef" by Roger Tallon 1974

The All Steel Lip Baschmakoff Jump Hour - 1970

Early 20th Century Gunmetal Lip Pocketwatch

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