Saturday, April 14, 2007

Attack of the Independents - Greubel Forsey 'Invention Piece 1'

Thanks to Ian Skellern, Wei Koh and Josh at Horromundi / Revolution who met with Stephen Forsey and Robert Gruebel at Baselworld for the amazing first photos of the prototype 'Invention Piece 1'. The dynamic duo dubbed Greubel-Forsey have been creating spectacular timepieces since they teamed up in 1999. And coming off the Opus 6, they are back and badder than ever with this Invention Piece 1. A series of 22 watches, 11 in red gold and 11 in white gold. A truly spectacular wristwatch with time indicators revolving around the edges of the open double tourbillon 30°.

Ian explains the timekeeping;
Not quite sure how to tell the time? The red arrow pointing towards the center of the dial indicates the hours, while the blue arrow displays the minutes. The inside tourbillon cage rotates in two minutes so there are two arrows 180° apart. The time shown above is 5:17. To complete the indications on the dial we have traditional seconds at 11 and 72 hour power reserve at 2."

The story of Greubel Forsey and the Double Tourbillon 30°
is painstakingly engraved on the back.

Be sure to check out their impressive new website (with videos) showcasing their latest inventions (shown below)-->Link

Their new Double Tourbillon 30° (left)
and Tourbillon Seconde Incline (right)

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