Friday, April 6, 2007

X-Ray of the MB&F Horological Machine #2

Look into the innards of the HM2 (Horological Machine #2) by Max Busser & Friends. Due out later in the year (not at Basel World), this specifically designed movement by a relatively unknown watchmaker handpicked by Max and he is keeping him secret (as well as the watch functions) until the release date nears. He also added, "The case will not mimic the movement but you will understand the architectural link between both of them."

Max further explained, "Eric Giroud, the designer with whom I develop my creations, and I designed the first version of HM2 by April 2005 (I was still at that time at the head of Harry Winston) but we scrapped everything and started again end of 2005. This movement and watch is the result. The movement you see is functional and has been working for the last four weeks. We expect to deliver the first watches end of the year. You can see by the shape of the movement that it does not resemble HM1 at all. That is part of the philosophy of our Concept Label – each year (if possible) we will come out with a completely different piece of horology in shape and functions. But one point is crucial: the movement will always be designed specifically for the watch. I can also tell you that the Master watchmaker who developed it is virtually unknown to the public (maybe to some hardcore aficionados) and so I am very proud to promote his virtually unknown talent."

I welcome any thoughts or projections of what this movement is capable of. Email me

The original HM1

MB&F HM1-->Link
MB&F Website-->Link

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