Monday, June 4, 2007

Vintage LED AND LCD - Shacking Up For a Few Years

Bridging the gap between battery draining LED (light emitting diodes) and the more economical LCD (liquid crystal displays) was a brief period (1974-76ish) when both displays were used in one watch. Their purpose was primarily for displaying the time both day and night as internal lamp functions were not fully developed. Very few brands used this configuration but featured here are most of them...

1975 Longines Gemini II - module by Hughes Aircraft Co. (original advertisement above and detail photos below)

1975 Heuer Chronosplit, a sports timer and watch, later made with dual LCD displays. This version is the rarest.

1975 Heuer (pre-Tag) Chronosplit Ad

1976 Helbros

1976 Longines -->Link

Croton "Terrestrial" -->Link

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