Thursday, June 7, 2007

Paul Smith Dashboard Watch

Paul Smith has reissued the dashboard style watch, a somewhat tamer variation of the previous model from their fun collection of the late-nineties. Called the PS20, it features what appears to be a retrograde style display (when hands reach the right, they flyback in the blink of an eye), but it's actually just a double handed display. Once one end of a hand is out of view, the opposite end appears. Time is told much like that of many other retrograde watches (seen here-->link) and the casing appears to be brushed steel with a block link bracelet. The date is viewed through a porthole in the bottom half of the watch. £375 (quartz) Paul Smith Watches-->Link

Available in olive, light/dark blue and red

The original model from the late nineties
Polished steel, sport link bracelet, expanding digits

Most of the original collection

Some had mechanical movements, most were Quartz. Many inspirations from the vintage LIP, Christian Dior and Pierre Cardin watches of the seventies. Most of the current collection is pretty drab otherwise.

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